Using Amazon Paycode to Pay for your order at any western union agent. No need for debit/credit card/no hidden fees

Hello Friends I just paid for some of my amazon orders via amazon paycode where at checkout you choose this option and fill in your full name. After placing the order you’ll receive a payment code which you’ll give the western union agent near you when you go to pay.

Why would you use Western Union in 2019? They screw you over on both the exchange rate and transaction fees.

Or is this 1999 and I’m reading this on my Ericsson T18?

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That’s not very convenient.

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Amazon should just introduce "Pay na Mpesa " option kwa checkout that’s all a kenyan shopper would ask for also they should provide a convenient shipping method to Kenya.

Nope! One of the problems here is the exchange rate.

I doubt $afaricom are kind enough to give a better rate than the banks.

Well,thats possible now that we see safcom partnering with AliExpress…I think for Nairobi and Msa,DHL is still the best shipping method…Posta being the worst…

It’s a good alternative if you don’t want to give amazon your card details
They’ll keep billing your for subscriptions like amazon prime or just some service warranty you opted in by mistake or never opted out.
Yes, on the exchange rate is a bit high but there was never a transaction fee
And note this is Amazon exchange rate not western union

here is an example at checkout

So from My order it reads $425 and I paid kes45,400
and with the current exchange rate $425 is

typically thats kes2600 that amazon pocketed

It is. Probably every Bank in kenya has a western union agent.
At the western union agent you can pay via M-pesa, cash or directly from your bank account.
If also you’ve been a victim of credit/debit card fraud this is the best alternative to use

It’s not. Why not integrate the MPESA in their payment system?

The wise decision here would to integrate the paycode on MPESA Global
That would be nice.