Use Airtel MiFi SIM on Android phone

How can I use my airtel mifi SIM card on Android phone to access data?
I fear the data may expire before I utilize it.

Have you tried putting the sim card in your phone as you would with any other sim card?

Yea. But it doesn’t allow me to access internet.

If the network bars are showing then it could be an APN issue. I used to have a similar issue back when I was using Airtel unlimited and had to put the SIM on a phone. My remedy was to manually configure the APN settings.

APN: internet



all other slots like Proxy, Proxy Port, Username and Password leave them blank for both APN profiles. But you can try to set the Bearer as either “unspecified” or “LTE”

Sometimes I had to switch between the two profiles for data to work. Hope it helps