USD Bank Account Recommendation

Any recommendation on a Bank or card that supports deposit of USD to an account and Online purchases using that account…?

Get NCBA Card (I have Prepaid Retail type). The best online shopping card. Supports multiple currencies (but I only use Ksh since Amazon will ask which currency is your card). Limit ni kitu 300k by default…I think. However, NCBA servers (or whoever hosts their services) tend to be very slow on some weekends, loading might take a while.

Does it allow one to load account using USD… i.e you go with USD and Deposit into the Account…

They claim you can do that, never tried it. You can call them for clarification.

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Hey, You could try I&M Bank Prepaid cards that allows online purchases. Had one a while back when I was “balling”(lol). I used the prepaid card to withdraw USD outside Kenya and convert to local currencies. Check: I&M Bank - Kenya


Try Equity, they have one, though I signed up along time ago in 2018.
It supports USD deposits and USD transactions using visa card, paypal USD transactions etc
Only disadvantage is that equity accounts both KES and USD , blacklist crypto banks. So if this is your use case equity might not be the best option.

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Equity failed me when I needed them the most. Luckily I had NCBA card with me. I was paying for something on Amazon and I decided to use equity…only to realize that they lowered the limit for everyone to curb cybercrime. They took like half a day after calling them to, temporarily, increase my limit. My experience is obviously different to others here, but I wouldn’t use equity for time-sensitive online stuff… Other than receiving funds :wink::grin:

:joy::joy::joy:me too, once I wanted to do a transaction to find my card hard a $100/day limit
but you can permanently raise it when visiting their branches.

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