USB charging Via PC Issue

Usually, I charge my smartphone via my Windows PC. Recently, I used a different USB cable instead of my usual cable. I experience very unusual thing. When I disconnect my smartphone from the USB cable, my PC turns off and monitor shows “HDMI No Signal”. But, every thing was usual and the cable was the only different thing. I repeated the action check if the same thing was happening. Yes, the same thing happened. Is this possible? if so, what is the reason

I guess the cable has some sort of short circuit. If I were you, I would ditch it right away

Yeah. That’s right. I’ve already bought a new one. but, I needed to get to know what happened at that time since that incident is bit odd.

This are the things which you should check

  1. Update the chipset and graphics drivers
  2. Change turn-on sequence
  3. Check resolution output settings
  4. Change the HDMI connection
  5. Check for firmware updates