US Tech Power Plays

In a recent move, the US sanctions on Venezuela have seen Adobe shut down its services in the region. The company has told its users in Venezuela to save and download their projects as it will not be available anymore. Read here .

Given the same move was played by the US on Huawei I think it shows really how much dependency on one corporation can turn into a political card fast. One day you are editing a video in premiere the next day you can’t because your government and the US are fighting.

I wonder who is next in these sanctions.

this is why having a standalone off the shelf software is important,when you depend on a cloud service that is run by a corporation in the US then you are vulnerable to interruption of service.If i cant download and use the software on my local machine then i get skeptical about online cloud services.

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Unfortunately it is hard to find alternatives to each software that are as good as akina Adobe and that do not require some form of cloud subscriptions. Also, in the current era all major software firms have cut off the option to use their services without needing to connect to their servers.

I have been following this US creative who “cut the cord” on Adobe because it was getting expensive for nothing and he has been exploring alternatives. Its been about four months now and I am waiting to see if he will go back. I think Adobe is raising prices because it knows there is no worthy competitor. And also such dependency and lack of alternatives is why such companies can be used as political cards.

yep,which is a dangerous trend coz it means if you are in a politically sensitive country that is at odds with the US and you use technology services from companies there,you are at risk of losing access to those services from sanctions.

What is interesting is that not a single company is willing to realize that there is a gap in the market and offer Adobe/Microsoft /Cloud alternatives that do not need internet access. I understand why a subscription to office/ design software works for a college student (cheaper overall). But why would a full project manager, architect, engineer, doctor, or businessman trust some foreign company to host his highly sensitive project files? It makes no sense.

I bet many people tired of ‘subscription this and that’ would be willing to pay good money to own the software that their jobs rely on.

Initially we had standalone Installations… But gradually there is a shift towards Subscriptions coz this allows vendors to milk more from the end Consumer

I do architectural work and truly speaking working with online software has it’s advantage, with standalone software I used to place generic furniture in my 3D renders the client would love it but I didn’t know where to buy the furniture, online softwares give me more 3d models that I can actually buy for the client, currently the software I am using is a Chinese subscription 1 per month.

@kiharajon back in 2002 I did my architecture but ditched it 3 years later to pursue other things. Come 17 years later my mum wanted to build her own house so she naturally came to me I draw for her a house plan. As you are aware back in 2002 we manually drew house plans using those huge Tsquares, Drawing boards etc but in 2019 guyz don’t use those oversized geometrical sets anymore though i know a few guyz still use them. Tasked with such I had to look for a software to draw the house with.

I considered ArchiCAD software but the damn thing was too heavy and too resource intensive for my machine let alone having to learn the ropes as it had advanced quite abit so I resulted to looking for an online software that was simple, easy to learn and achieve the same thing. I browsed through various online drawing sites and Floorplanner met all my expectations with its simplicity and ease of use.

Long story short I drew the house plan and the building is currently at the roofing stage on the ground and here is where the challenge begins. Floorplanner can’t tell me how the roof will look like so it was either i go back to using the geometrical things or look for another software that could and since I was pressed for time, I used Microsoft Excel belive it or not and it came out perfectly. Fundi naye ameover quote the amount of mabatis and mbaos the house will need so I’ve currently halted the project and i’m looking for a software or site that can calculate this ndio nisigongwe. Any help here will be highly appreciated.

ArciCAD is awesome and has online and offline capabilities but many can’t use it, I know most people use autocad or sketcup, the good thing with archicad is that if you know how to use it can give you your roof plan and the quantities of all your materials including door locks etc, you can print this out and take to your hardware for a good quote.
The online Chinese design software is by a company known as Sammy’s kitchen it’s in Chinese only not easy to use.