Upload speeds higher than download speeds

Not complaining, but I wish my d/speeds were equal to the u/speeds. What I’m getting Is what I paid for but I would like to understand why the two speeds aren’t the same?

Just a congestion on the download channel

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You’re lucky you’re getting 8mbps. On Airtel I’m getting almost zero mbps. Line inaokota vumbi

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:joy::joy::joy:tupa line nunua Telkom.

Telkom fogothari pia. Used to be great until towards end of Dec last year. Network went flat. I complained and last week wakatuma their technicians kukuj home to test the network.

They in deed confirmed that 4G is almost useless. Keep in mind I’m within a radius of around 50M from their network booster :joy::joy::joy:

They promised to fix it but niko Safaricom naumia.

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:joy::joy::joy: that’s the problem with Telkom. Uku nyumbani (Mombasa) at times stima zikipotea pia net yao inapotea. Now I have two Safaricom SIM cards. Tunaumia tu, but it is what it is.

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Faiba is the most underrated Telco in Kenya. If they try hard enough they will surpass Safaricom 1 day. In my area the only good thing about Safaricom is 4g+. Their normal 4g ukua congested most of the time, but faiba can maintain at least 8-10mbps consistently even at night.

Since no fibre optic is in my area, I’ve been streaming Netflix since January (jioni and Sundays) with faiba bundles, using like 500bob to 1k every week. It’s able to maintain 720p and even 1080p without buffering (of course Netflix compression helps).

By the way, I’ve realized Netflix can stream some 4k files with 10mbps connection :smile:

I thought JTL gave up on Faiba Mobile. Over a year now and that network is barely usable. Enda tu Facebook on their wall uone complaints.

That’s the beauty of these modern streaming protocols and file format Like HLS and DASH. Netflix uses DASH.

The files constitute of small files normally 10 seconds in length of different quality formats and bitrates. That 4K file can have several 4K qualities at different bitrates.

The advantage of HLS/DASH allows the videos to be loaded in 10 second files. So, that makes it easy for a video to be loaded quick on slow networks.

If you select 4K quality, even on a slow network, the playback will switch and toggle between different bitrates without you noticing the slight drop in 4K quality.

There’s a project I’m doing that involves working with HLS streams. Learning a lot.


While Airtel 3g is indeed useless, I’ve switched to their 4g permanently and so far so good…I’m in Rongai. Never experienced downtime with their 4g, but their 3g woi!

Been using it as my primary network for some time now, but I regularly switch to Safaricom kutumia ile 1gb bundle ya 50 bob hadi midnight on 4G+.

I have always been curious how Netflix works well even when speeds are low. Thank you sir.


I gave up on Faiba a while ago when their services became highly unavailable… Fortunately I moved to a place with Fiber and never looked back since… Outdoors I normally use Airtel…

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