UPDATED: Safaricom Home 4G Unlimited internet 3mbps @3,500/= & 5mbps @5,000/=

I have this neighbor who has been hooked up on Liquid Telkom’s WiMax product for years now. However, today I noticed some people in Safaricom uniform and gear show up at his house. They removed the Wimax equipment and installed almost a similar receiver on the roof top.

I waited for them to climb down from the rooftop so that I could inquire more. They did not tell me the name of the product but here is how it works.

  1. You’re given a Safaricom router and the receiver for free when you sign a contract. However, if you terminate the contract they take back their equipment.

  2. No installation costs.

  3. No deposits.

  4. It costs 4,000bob for unlimited internet @3mbps and 5,500bob for unlimited internet @5mbps

However, the guys did not tell me the name of the product. Kwa wenye fiber bado ni pipe dream, what do you think?

NB: I do have the contract of those guys. If you wish to get hooked just DM.


Contrary to people hyping 5G for mobile I think it’s immediate deployment is for WiMax

“Yes, CA is aware of Safaricom’s plans,” they told the pubication. “The spectrum envisaged for the first round of 5G rollout is already with the operators who are expected to refarm their formerly assigned WIMAX frequencies in the 2.5 and 3.5Ghz bands.”

If Safaricom rolls out 5G, it could be of the fixed 5G type. There is an antenna that creates a wirelss connection with a nearby tower that sends the connection to a router in the house. 5G devices in the house will then connect to the router. This sounds like the system that Rain has with its 5G network in South Africa that they launched in September last year.

Most likely an upgrade for the guy’s equipment following this …

Tried to ask Safaricom support on Twitter and most of the agents that replied had no idea of the product. One of them gave me this link and told me that I have to buy a 4G router going for 12K to enjoy the service.

However, the guys I spoke to on the ground told me equipment is leased to you free of charge. Also, on this link, they require you to have a registered business. However, those guys have told me there’s no need to have a registered business. They just hook you up.


Theres’ a likelihood that it might be what you’re suggesting because there’s no way you can have a WiMax looking equipment hooked up on the rooftop yet Safaricom’s 4G is literally everywhere.

Kuuliza tu, why do people pay so much for so little? I mean, it might be unlimited and whatever, but 3Mbps (375KBps) is just for browsing and checking emails… Ata ka ni biashara maze…4k?

Conversely, Vodafone charges around £17.50 (ksh2300) for fibre ya around 63Mbps (25Mbps minimum) to businesses. It includes a single static IP. Why are commodities so expensive in Africa, a peasant continent surely?

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They can’t know about a product that is yet to be launched publicly.


That might might explain the reason behind it. However, with their internal sales representatives selling the product, I thought they might have some idea.

When serious competition lacks, the market leaders will continue to charge us an arm and a leg. That explains why they charge expensively but they’re still market leaders. Actually, we’re paying for the quality of service and not the service itself.


Does the recievier look like this


I think they are going the Rain way. Hope with time they use millimeter wave to increase bandwidth maze

Safaricom needs a serious competitor for us to enjoy these kinds of prices and connectivity. Right now they are the only FTTH operator that can dare to expand their fibre network. There’s still a lot of un-served and under-served areas even in urban areas and they’re now launching fixed 5G to supplement fibre, though these prices are still high. Demand for data is ever-growing and if there can be even one or two more serious competitors that can equally match or surpass the level of investment that Saf-com has made then we as customers will be the ones smiling; more players = lower prices, and I believe the players can still make their cut. Question is which company both local or international can dare to enter this market and splash some serious cash in this sector


I think before Safaricom starts offering 5G via their WiMax frequencies, they need to up their home fibre speeds significantly. We are already past the age of doing 5mbps. And again it would be awkward to see 5mbps speeds on their 5G offerings.

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I agree. We need some serious competition. Otherwise we might just be on this slow and expensive ride for decades to come.


History tells of foreign companies acquiring telco companies only for them not to get the local market … wash, rinse and repeat

I expect it should. That’s a Huawei CPE, these were demo-ed at MWC last year for 5G WiFi to the establishment (wttx).

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I have had a similar thing going from a guy running an internet brokerage business from fibre only that I had to buy the equipment. Although not very similar, I bought a Nanostation powerbeam which receives signals from his tower. Kshs. 2k for 5mpbs not a bad deal also. I think Safaricom wants to eat into this kind of market but on a larger scale.

It looks like a white meter box ya KPLC and not this Rungu ya Mo1 sort of thing. Will try take a photo of it from a distance tomorrow.

Does it look like this?

Lately have seen several of these devices… Was left wondering whether they are Digital Beehives…

Sort of a perfect square box. Probably around a foot squared.

Some chaps installing a similar box next to our apartment at the moment. I’ll ask my net guy

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You still have no name… !

I haven’t managed to get close enough and the guys installing it are just calling it an LTE receiver/antenna.