Up to what degree are water proof phones water proof?

I have one that states it has IP68 water proofing standard. What does it mean? Can I take shots in a swimming pool? Up to what depth is it safe or it is not even water proof in that sense.

IP68 or Ingress protection 68 and here’s how it’s defined.

  • 6 is for dust protection and a 6 means it’s good enough to prevent the device from getting dust under the hood, especially under the camera lens or screen
  • 8 on the other hand means it can do at least 1.5 meters for 30 minutes and still be fine. The average pool that’s not for pros is 1.5 meters deep so you should be good.
    As for whether you are able to take shots underwater, I’d say this is dependent on whether the display can respond underwater. I’ve had smartphones that won’t respond well when wet. Check with the OEM of the device you’re using themselves to see if that stands. Sony had that as a marketing angle, shots underwater.
    Waterproof is really a thing in Japan, just as hands-free use is big in the north.

Thanks…Had tried getting the answer on a Reddit thread and nothing was an concise. I will definitely confirm with the OEM before heading to the pool with the gizmo.

Make sure all the open ports are closed while you’re at it.