Unstable Carrier Aggregation, Brand Issue?

Hey guys, so I have this weird phenomenon I can’t explain with my limited knowledge. I have MI 9T Pro and Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017), both of which are LTE-A ready.

Funny thing is, the Sammy is extremely stable with Safaricom’s 4G+ (plus it shows an icon), but doesn’t work with Faiba. Checking NetMonster app, I can see that it keeps connecting and disconnecting the 700+1800 that Faiba uses on 4G+ (but doesn’t show the icon). After a few seconds (less than 5) it disconnects from 700 mHz band and retains the 1800 one.

Conversely, my MI 9T Pro is very stable with Faiba’s 4G+ (and shows an icon), but is not that stable with Safaricom’s 4g+ (it shows the icon but disconnects every now and then). My partner’s Oneplus 7T is stable on both, something she’s always bragging about :smirk:

Has this issue happened to you? I can’t find much info online on carrier aggregation problems across phone brands. It’s like phone chipsets are also selective/optimized for specific bands.

I called JTL to ask why the Sammy isn’t connecting to its 4g+ signal and the lady kept insisting they don’t have 4G+, I got tired of explaining everything from scratch. I’m angry at JTL for not familiarizing its employees with LTE-A that they have to learn about it from customers :rage:

No Carrier aggregation on my S9+, though theoretically it should work…

Does Volte work fine on the A7 and MI 9T Pro

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Had a similar conversation with an equity Customer Care Agent… So Frustrating

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What? doesn’t make sense now.

On A7 there’s no VoLTE support, just LTE-A. Lakini kwa Mi 9T Pro both Saf & Faiba VoLTE work flawlessly. I’m even able to communicate with others using Faiba sim.

Had even forgotten about the issue till you raised it…

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Could be lack of proper RF antennas/poor implementation on the software side of things or both

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Partly this and software optimization.

I have an A7 2016 and though it doesn’t have 700MHz band, it sometimes chooses not to pick Safaricom 4G but when it does it picks 4G+. This seldom happens though. But on other networks it picks 4G without any issues.

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Makes a lot of sense

I envy you…VoLTE on Faiba has never worked for me on the S8. On the issue of unstable CA(on Safaricom), It also happens to me but on one specific base station at shagz.

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