uNoGS: The Unofficial Netflix Catalog

Netflix is now available in 190 countries. However, due to several reasons like distribution rights and local regulations, not all the content it offers is available in all those nations. And so far, there’s been no single place or site you can visit to get a full listing of everything available. That ends with the arrival of the Unofficial Netflix Online Global Search (uNoGS), a new portal that has cataloged each and every piece of movie, TV show, documentary or other content available on Netflix in every part of the world.

Through uNoGS, one can see what content is available in what country. It even shows the total number of each type of content that is available anywhere in the 190 territories that Netflix is now streaming in. For instance, Netflix users in the East African nations of Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda have access to 706 videos, 563 movies and 213 TV series as of the time of I am posting this. South Africans have access to 709 videos, 494 movies and 215 TV series. In Nigeria, Netflix users have access to 705 videos, 493 movies and 212 TV series.

This could be the reason why most Netflix users on the African continent will turn to their trusted VPN services and access content from the United States where users have access to a whopping 5,681 videos, 4,567 movies and 1,114. Those users will be glad to know that uNoGS even suggests which VPNs you can use to access content that is blocked in your region. These come in handy since Netflix has sworn to crack the whip on VPNs and such like services that users are using to bypass its region restrictions. One of the more popular VPNs, Hola, is already blocked and users have to look for working alternatives.

I like that there’s a listing of the IMDB top 250 movies of all time on the homepage for easy access.

C’mmon…but Hola was a really good VPN :sob:

netflix cracking down on VPN’s but Some VPN’s are a step ahead like Uflix

It’s a war they are not likely to win. The Chinese are watching House of Cards on Netflix and always using Facebook despite the existence of the famous Great Firewall.

While Hola remains blocked, Tunnel Bear VPN has always worked well for me for both Netflix and others like Spotify.

Hola is the DEVIL mate.Someone even created a whole website on why you should uninstall it.

I know about that. There has to be a tradeoff for most of these free services. In the case of Hola, it’s a costly and risky one. Other VPN apps are hardly better