Unlimited Internet Remote Area

I have recently moved to a remote area where 4g is not readily available (unless I hang my phone on the TV aerial outside). Someone recommend to me the cheapest (installation and subscription) service. I guess it can only be Safaricom since they are the only ones with countrywide 4g coverage - but am open to ideas.

Is there such a service or am I better off sticking to bundles? Also, does a powered router (Huawei universal) make a difference ama ni same na phone hotspot? My budget is less then 10k installation (or router or box) and 4k monthly…I am looking for at least 1mbps

You might want to follow this thread.

You can check this expensive option, that is if there is a very weak signal then this booster will help you, we have used it in a number of office blocks where signal drops sometimes but 35k is alot
weBoost Drive 4G-X RV (470410) Cell Phone Signal Booster for Your RV or Motorhome

Awesome, I have requested the poster to send me the LTE number. Meanwhile, how bad or good is poa wifi? How does it compare to safcom Giga bundle?

This is too expensive boss.

I’ve never used it. Its available where you are?

You can have that installed. It works only on 4G and is mounted on your roof so no worry. You can get 3mbps at 4k per month. Contact any customer care near you they will assist…

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Installation wanacharge ngapi?. I want to compare it with Hai Satellite who told me to prepare 10k

Installation is normally free.

If you have cash for satellite you can consider a p2p connection from the nearest Liquid Mast or partner mast. You buy two radios normally rocket dishes. That will cost you around 60k for the radios.A link like 100mbps you can get at 15k or less per month. Plus now the rental cost for the other one radio sitting at their mast, this will be normally 1-2k a month payable annually.

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It’s free. You just have to pay your monthly dues.

So they can install it at your house not limited to businesses only

Anyone you know who can be reached concerning this? Ama their customer support are well aware?

Which other equipment is needed after kuekewa hii rungu ya Moi? Do you need wifi routers in the house ama?

Yes. No problem with that. They don’t know the hell you doing with it.

Customer care. They always have a sales person for that.

Nothing. They terminate a cable in your room with their own router…

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I am calling them next week. How have the speeds been? Do they ever go below 1mps? I am planning to consume lots of netflix in hd

Ni ya job. Saa hii we are home for the last about 3 weeks

Bro, POA is the worst Internet provider! Don’t even think about it sio POA.