Unlimited Data Plans Prices Across the World

Let’s dive right in:

China 6400/= capped at 40GB
South Africa 14000/= no cap
Nigeria 5000/= capped at 100GB
Faiba 210 GB at 6000/= (not really unlimited)
Japan 7GB cap at 4500/=
UK 3600/= for 30GB and unlimited 3G
Safaricom 300 per day for 30 days 9000. A days cap is probably 100GB then 30 TB cap
T Mobile USA 7500/= capped at 50GB then unlimited 3G
Verizon 7500 also capped at around 50 GB then 3G
Australia 30 GB Cap for 4700
Germany 4GB cap at 3700 unlimited 2G internet
Norway no unlimited so 10 GB at 3900

It is important to note most of the other countries the plans come with unlimited calls and text.

It only took me an hour to compile this. My boss thinks I am about to finish the weekly report and has congratulated me twice for how busy I seem today.


Safaricom 3TB not 30

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Good research, I will conduct mine jioni nikikua free vizuri. we should know where we stand globally.


kitu tuko down ni connected internet in homes kina faiba na zuku

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Not the best way to compare costs across different countries. You need a relative measure like cost as a percentage of average incomes(per capita incomes). There is a report i shared on the Faiba thread that has such a comparison.

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T-Mobile offers unlimited 4G on smartphones and tablets. Unlimited 3G is for mobile hotspots.

There is no real limit but if you have used over 50GB in a month, you are deprioritized if you are connected to a congested cell tower.

Otherwise, there is no limit.

Video streaming is limited at 480p unless you pay $3 daily for HD pass.


still seems like the best deal even when including the per capita manenos

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Umesahau ya airtel 4G
unlimited 4G 3G na 2G at 3500
But this story ya merger ina threaten that

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Saw it, iko capped. Pia last time I used airtel the internet would disconnect every 5 minutes so hizi days I don’t even consider using it

Wow… If only he/she knew…

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