Unisex gifts for friends Suggestions, what would you advise?

I’m planning to start having friends, both male and female, and part of it would involve random electronics gifts once in a while. What things would you advise people to consider. be specific as possible. And please not budgets of 20k, 1k-15k is a safe space.


Eish are you planning to bribe yourself into friendship? If so, I’m in :grin: there is this electronic thingamajig I so want, you can start by buying me that and I will be your best friend :grin::grin::grin:


I could make a really good friend here :yum::yum::yum::yum:
Smartwatch for instance

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Keep the suggestions coming, then tweet to show your baes. You never know!

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Chromecast or Fire stick, Kindle, XiaoMi Electric Toothbrush, Gaming headphones/mouse/keyboard for your gaming buddies.
Any electronic could work as a gift. Gifts just need to be thoughtful. Once you get friends, you will get to know them and know what gift suits each one of them. You will know who to get a smartwatch and who to get a sex toy.



I can think of Smartwatch, Earphones/Headphones, Smart Clocks/Alarms.

We are limiting ourselves to just tech. Some of you should visit Miniso, House of leather or other gift shops and get ideas for gifts. There are things for even 1k like a set of soup bowls, or perfume sticks for the house.

Just look at this espresso maker at Masoko for 3k.



Oh, I bought myself this. :relaxed:

How is it?