Uber's controversial 2019 IPO

Uber’s CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi publicly set 2019 as the ride-hailing company’s IPO deadline but it’s already raising eyebrows. IMG_20181205_170602_489
This thread breaks it down clearly and describes it exactly as it is.

Go take a look at it and share your thoughts

The prices have always been suspiciously low and if true that the company is run just by investor cash then they will collapse.

I wonder if Little Cab is profitable though?

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Uber’s valueation is complicated…remember its a global company,its got stakes in multiple ride hailing platforms,some of its businesses like uber eats,uber pool and regular uber are profitable in some markets already…what the company needs to focus on is execution and cutting down on unecessary costs especially from its R&D side like the trucks and driveless efforts.Also they need to pull away from unprofitable markets or markets that arent growing rapidly…The advantage is Uber’s vision is a long term play,the company sees itself as a provider/enabler of various transport solutions…in Kenya,one of its most profitable markets in africa,they already have Regular Uber,Premium Uber,Uberchapchap,Uberboda and Ubereats…there is mixed success in these products but with long term vision and local execution of strategies they are bound to succeed and make profits in the long run as long as they can steer themselves of any legal/regulatory hurdles.

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