Uber wants to connect shipment to Trucks, thoughts?

Any chance of Uber hacking the delivery company list?

In Kenya. No way. Because the industry isn’t that big. But I could be wrong.

All I know is that it is one industry I don’t want them to venture into, thinking as someone who has interests in the trucking and logistics business. That’s one space that hasn’t been ruined after PSVs are cartels and taxi business is no-longer lucrative, thanks to them.

Uber will have a hard time taking off locally with such a product locally because they will need to partner with a few established players and the customer/client side is also tricky…they should just focus on the more lucrative Uberpool as it has potential to entirely disrupt or revolutionize the entire PSV matatu industry

I saw an article on it, yesterday.
Sendy tried them both ie taxi and logistics and ended up dropping the taxi business.

I still wonder how well Sendy is doing with the logistics business