Uber Notifications

Every two days for the last several months, I get these annoying Uber Verification codes without me initiating anything from my end. Anyone experiencing similar issues. With the only option of stopping it involves incurring charges, not sure how much…

I got this sometime back when someone had changed my Uber password. Turns out if your browser has been set to remember password and someone gets access to your computer they can change your Uber password. This happened to me a while back, even as I didn’t have an Uber app installed for a while, I had to install it so as to reset my password.

I have never used Uber on PC. Always access it from the app.

I have used it on a browser on phone. I just don’t like that Uber is one of the apps that rival Google in the kind of data they collect from your phone.

So the solution to this is to reset password… How …!?

Do you have a card as your payment option?

No card. I always pay using cash…

Just reset your Uber password. Someone is trying to access your account.

So, someone has been trying to access my account every two days for the last six months

Anyway let me give a shot at the password thing…

Did you change?

Yeah. Changed the password. Now waiting to see if the issue will go away…

I thought Uber dealt with the Drivers faking GPS …
I just got billed for twice the distance. My receipt reads I travelled 34km while a simple Google Maps search indicates the route to be only 16km long …! Almost dismissed that as a normal traffic surcharge but Lookin at the emailed receipt and my trip history on Uber, could see something was amiss…

Look at the Zigzag at the start of my trip

Uber just got back to me. I wonder if I would still have gotten the refund if I hadnt complained. Makes me wonder how often I have been overcharged.

Uber tried explaining this as a glitch in their systems and not drivers using fake GPS apps. Lol.

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Kwani is it just me or Uber has gone to the dogs. My account had Credits refunded to me by Uber from my last spoofed uber ride. Now, on the next trip after that episode when alighting at my Simba, the driver’s app was reading zero. At the time I didn’t remember I had some Credits, so when the driver told me I pay a value which was what was the fare estimate I paid up, thinking that probably his phone was misbehaving. My phone was off at the time. Only for me to check my receipt later on and learn I was actually not meant to pay anything… Conned, twice in a row …!


Got the Credit Back, again… Hope I don’t lose it next ride

At least they sorted you out…Taxify wouldnt have even bothered to do anything about it.

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And here I was, scheming how to switch to Taxify … Kumbe what I thought was greener grass ain’t green…!

With all honesty, I think this was laxity on your end. Chances are the driver only took advantage after he saw you were not aware of your credits…

  1. Phone was off, so couldn’t check bill from my end
  2. Was in some sort of hurry
  3. Normally I don’t scrutinize bills that much
  4. I learnt a good lesson: Always go through your receipts/bills with a tooth comb …