Uber Kenya Attempt to deal with hostility at JKIA Airport

Sometime back there was hue and cry that Uber alongside other taxi hailing service cabs were being prevented from accessing the airport to pick up passengers. Something that was denied by the Kenya Airport Authorities. But it didn’t really stop. Sometime back I requested an Uber and the driver couldn’t come to the arrivals section to pick me. I had to cross over to the parking lot where he was sort of hidden.

I gather that there is some rebellion by KAA who have preference for their yellow cabs (some say they have ownership in the cabs, hence the feeling invested). Uber driver told me they are having to park at the cargo section or out in the less obvious places within the airport vicinity. That’s why your Uber or Little may take time before coming to pick you. I’ve experienced the same with Little, where driver wasn’t near to pick me up.
The hostility at JKIA is such that vehicles are identified via their PSV sticker and if they don’t have a taxi company sticker on the side they are picked out and clamped, driver arrested.

Seems Uber is trying to push an ad to those who go to the airport to alert them of pick up points that aren’t the arrivals section.