Uber eats launching in Kenya

So came across this advert for Uber Kenya on LinkedIn. Uber eats is launching in Kenya soon going by the advert they released seeking to hire someone to head this position. I’m keen on the delivery period they’ll take for most of foodstuffs. Guessing Jumia foods has something to worry about now.

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Wat food will they be delivering groceries ama??? To be honest i haven’t used Jumia food either its one of those ‘e-food’ things i dont even think of

Do Kenyans actually order food from these services? I know when I want to order, I place an order directly through the restaurant and most times it’s usually fast food. Kama ni kwa ofisi kuna kibandaski…


i am so looking forward to this,i have used hellofoods and jumia foods before but i found them a bit expensive and not having the kind of food i am used to eating.If they can work on their delivery fee and time plus have the local cuisine available,then they can consider me a customer.

I just want to meet these people who order food & wait.
Niki order chakula fast food ama kibandaski ni place najua wakidelay najiendea lol

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Developers in our office do order, they use Yum however, and For You Chinese restaurant is a favourite for them, alongside Galitos.

I haven’t ordered where there is a delivery cost attached. But this means I only order from Pizza Inn, Debonairs and a kitchen in the same compound that does catering.

This doesn’t count Martin. You literally walk there to place your order and come back…