Twitter experience on Android

Other than the default Twitter for Android app, what other apps would you guys recommend. I’ve been using Plume for the longest, but off late it has been a let down.

@Mobkay I have used Twwetcaster - found it annoyingly slow when the internet is not very strong - and Twidere which is quite alright. You could also try Tweetdeck for PC

Twitter has made it a day job to ensure the experience is best on the main app. This is by limiting the number of API calls among other things. I stopped looking quite some time ago.

Try Fenix. You’ll never need to go anywhere else.

The Twitter app is nice and all but it irks me with one thing: it doesn’t let you stay on the timeline for as long as you’d like catching up on tweets you may have missed. It just whisks you to the top of your feed and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Lol, and Plume to have stayed afloat are fighting hard then, eh.

I’ll try that @echenze

Flamingo for Android (paid, $0.99) - from the same dev who made Weather Timeline, winner of the Material Design award from a year ago. Great app.

I use Flamingo, very good app.

I came up with this list not long ago.

i use fenix and Talon for twitter…awesome apps with similar UI charactertics…Talon for Twitter lets me customize my theme and also autoloads tweets like a tweetdeck column livestream

I use the official Twitter app and I think it’s by far the best

Yes. Fenix all the way

None of these beats Snaptu.

Oh Snaptu! Good old days.

Hii Fenix yako ni ya kupirate ama kununua?

The Twitter app works for me. I should probably try the suggestions you guys are giving

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I am using original Twitter app. Why do you use other apps? What’s wrong with Twitter? :astonished:

i use fenix for twitter