Twitter Ban in Nigeria, what are your thoughts on this?

Twitter was banned in Nigeria, when a recent tweet from the President was removed as it did not comply with their community guidelines. As a result, a law was passed placing a ban on the platform. What do you think about this?

Governments worldwide need parallel services run and maintained by the reigning regimes. This way, their sovereignty is not threatened by a handful of geeks in silicon valley. Also, it would leave silicon valley free to implement any policies they want, they would never be banned.

Regardless of how justified the ban was, Nigerians did not elect Jack Dorsey. The only reason why Twitter, Facebook and YouTube were not banned in the US after kicking out Trump was the fact that half the country agreed with the purge. Also, a Biden presidency was inches away.

What happens when Twitter or Fb bans a super popular leader with 80% of their country’s support? They will get kicked out and loose any chance of influencing social change in those nations.

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I think Twitter should be banned all across the world because this platform spreads misinformation. This does not appear a credible option and it should not be a part of social media. I do not use it.

In total accord with what you said.

If you happen to do a bit of research, you’ll come across the fact that most of the Nigerian Youths are working as freelancers and using twitter to make their ends meet. How is this justified for them?