Twiinap is a Job Search Social Network in Kenya

Twiinap simplicity makes job search and tweeting of CVs awesome easy, Twiinap, it’s like you going to twitter to network with people of interest, Tweet CVs, search jobs. This is how Twiinap gonna work make things easy for job seekers as well for companies to easily find talent in matters of days.

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I don’t understand who exactly the target market is and why someone would prefer this over LinkedIn, or GitHub or Stack Overflow.

The entire concept and it’s execution looks half baked.

It’s okay to push it out as it is, and try get users. Even as the barrier for what a social network should start as was taken high by Silicon Valley, one should not stop dreaming. They said if you are not too embarrassed by your product it’s too late to ship. @mister_roboto we are encouraging people with startups and new products to share them here for feedback and early users.

@mabormakuach you should be ready for questions, and criticism. When did you start this and what’s the long term plan? What’s the concept? Is it just people posting jobs and others applying them or who does it?
Does it make job search easier? If yes, how?


Not bad. Consider changing your logo. Currently it looks like that android robot doing some push-ups - pun. But on a serious note consider changing the logo to something that blends well with the corporate looks and purpose of the site.


And the colors are terrible

@mister_roboto,target market(Youth) there are millions of Jobless youth within East Africa, the good example is me, I came back here three years ago from Malaysia-Asia, excite software Engineer GUESS what? still didn’t get my dream job so we have to create a tool for anyone in East Africa to find his dream job or to just find a job for living.
For Linkedin, I try it many times and I feel like am not a part of this professional network, is for executive guys, those who works for Google, Facebook, or those who have 5-10 years of work experience somewhere in USA Or Europe but for East Africa, Junior Software Engineer like me, LinkedIn ecosystem is not favoring us it was create for Sillicon Valley community,
Why not create platform so simple what you need is just type in keywords or job title than search it before you even register, you can see jobs available for you but for Linkedin , you have to create an account and know few hundred people there
Twiinap Concept and Execution looks half backed? LoL for sure, we looking for feedback we in public beta, any recommendation is highly welcome,

I might sound harsh but I always try to remain objective. The criticism given on this platform has consistently been constructive.

As an example you have mentioned you are a software engineer. If you are to sell your product to me then it has to compete with the likes of GitHub.

So, does your product have public profiles and portfolios for prospective software engineers? Those are the kinds of things that I look for as an employer.

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@martingicheru I start Twiinap project last year! Just want create something that will bring value to East Africa Community, pivoting it many times until recently I asked myself still not yet found my dream job, this is big problem facing many youths in E.A. even my college friends are still struggle with same issue and The Internet gives us this great opportunity to work anywhere in E.A. so long you got talent.

Twiinap make job search easier yes! Compare to other platforms,in Twiinap you can find jobs related to your field before registering or for those who want to post jobs position will only 2-3minutes to register and to post a job or CVs instantly, new users can also share Twiinap Jobs with their facebook friends, we integrate with fb Share feature. They can also comments and likes… Twiinap is a network for job seekers.

Thanks you so Much, LoL this is not Andriod Robot doing push-UPS…it is Tortoise walking!

@kissykennysmatt we are using Black, green, what is your input?**

@mister_roboto, you are not harsh, GitHub is big loyal community, for Twiinap to reach that level, our early users like Mister_Roboto, need to give us real feedback,like what you just did!

we do have public profile, we just need to make it better… thanks

As a suggestion I think you need to do something that foreign services haven’t achieved, and that is going properly local. I’d expect you categorize each of the 47 counties to get jobs posted there, you may need to get people on the ground, even if it’s one person, to get to connect with potential employers at county level so you can get jobs as low as artisan level posted there.

The next direction would be to develop a progressive web app, so that it’s accessible by basic Android phones without needing to install. Access via Opera Mini is also important. My 2 cents.


Good idea with alot way to go…Your login page and facebook login page are related?

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@martingicheru thanks alots…the idea of going properly Local is great one as well trying as much to talk to potential employers at county level.

and for Web App we testing new web technology, build one App for all devices…

@Johnie… we changing to our green /black color, thanks

Done @Johnie

I am actually fresh from graduation two weeks ago and i am aggressively looking for a job online. I am a communication major. My question to you is, How many active users do you have, Is it a networking platform only or can also be used to look for job advertisements. Can the app be found on the play store?

Welcome to the World, where Modern Day Slavery Thrives. …


Bitter irony is that I’m responsible for hiring in my IT department and I’ve been under staffed all year.

Slightly off topic but in IT, papers don’t count it’s what you can do. If you are a network admin, know how to actually configure a router. A sysadmin should be comfortable using a terminal and scripting in either bash or powershell.

And unless you have the passion, BBIT is BCom with packages.

I have been on both sides of that fence and I’ve learned the hard way.


Interesting way of putting it.