TV Wall mounts that won't bend on the weight of 43" TVs and bigger

I once read a comment here of a guy who mounted a TV by himself but it came down and he had to go back to the shop. Later, engaging a professional to do it for him. Well, sometimes we are in places where these people don’t exist and you must go for the DIY route. That said, I have two types of wall mounts and I really need to know which one can hold a 43 inch TV.

  1. There is this one. I somehow feel it can hold but there is one problem: the space left behind the TV is so small you literally strain to fix cables especially optical cable that requires minimum bends.

  2. Then there is this, it has the advantage of pulling your TV up to 15" that gives you a lot of room to do your stuff. Again, I choose not to just trust the numbers and seek for a practical reference on its ability to hold a 43".

    Is there anyone with the experience, expertise or at least have seen it used or using one with that size or bigger?