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Thanks @wizmelavin, I actually went ahead and ordered something worth around 100k like 2 weeks ago and those guys are legit :100:

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Back to this topic, was researching on TCL P & C series coz am thinking of getting one noticed that the P-series are better in performance and color but thick while the C-series are thinner promising near similar performance to the P-series but are a bit expensive compared to the P-series I actually don’t mind the thickness coz it’s not that thick so I’m settling for p-series unless anyone here got a different experience worth considering

The C715 is really good, other than it lacks FALD for decent blacks. I have no expereince with P-series, all I know is that it doesn’t have Quantum Dots, Wi-Fi AC…or Dolby Vision. But then again, DV is almost irrelevant at 300-400 nits (typical brightness in these P&C-series TVs). For Wi-Fi, you can just use ethernet.

Can you wait? 2021 TCL TVs look promising.

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I have been eyeing the c815 but I can wait the only problem is pricing the price will be aggressive for the 2021 models here in Kenya

The c815 is a c715 with an attached soundbar (and, surprisingly, poorer edge-lit panel. C715 has direct-lit, I guess they had to cut cost somewhere in c815 for that soundbar).

The price might be aggressive due to high demand for chips (the reason ps5, AMD, and Nvidia can’t meet demand). But I would honestly wait for other technological benefits.


Thanks for this now I know wat to go for the c715

ION TCL said they will update their 2019 and 2020 models to Android TV 11,I on the other had decided to try out the new updated Android TV Home UI on my TCL 55 inch C8 running Android TV 9…


After starting this thread in 2019, I ended up buying a camera. The camera was stolen when thieves broke into my house last year Dec (alongside all electronics).

I am now looking to buy a TV, budget 45K. The research I have done so far (plus window shopping) shows that the Samsung RU7100 and Samsung TU8000 are the better options. Does anyone have any info on this?

Links Samsung 43 Inch TU8000 Crystal 4K Smart TV Price in Kenya | Zuricart

I have also discovered that the TCL and Hisense models praised by USA reviewers are not available in Kenya.

Share the same. Ndio niko kwa soko.

There is another tv recommendation thread and it has some good insights especially from this post and below that will help you arrive at a better-informed choice.

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I’ve seen several times people saying all their electronics have been carted away by thieves. At this rate paying for the Safaricom fibre home insurance (or any other) might be worth it despite some complaints on twitter of slow payouts.

Not available in my area but I would very strongly recommend for anyone with access to it. I lost one year’s worth in salary.