TV Recommendations December 2019

Hey Everyone,

I am looking to buy a new TV and am stuck. There are so many terms which I have no idea what each means. This is my shortlist. My budget is 35k or below. The main quality I prefer is PICTURE QUALITY & 2 Motion smoothness for the price of course. Prices are those I have asked around not those on the link.

Also does anyone have a reliable retailer?

  1. SAMSUNG 40 N5300 SMART. (32k)

  2. SONY 40 DIGITAL r350e (29K)

  3. HISENSE 4K (37K) Hisense 43B7100UW

  4. SONY W660F (37K) FULL HD HDR10


This is a recommendation I will follow as well, feel free to throw in all TV options between 40 inch and 55 inch, both smart and non-smart.

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I would suggest you pick Samsung… It’s likely to have uniform colours… rarely suffers dirty screen effect… Sony is also good but I don’t trust Jumia sellers. I would recommend TCL or Hisense, but I have realized these two only sell the best in US, in kenya they bring crap (in my expereince). But I am obviously biased cuz I own a Samsung.

I would recommend Samsung RU7100. It has a VA panel (from reviews I have been reading) which means deeper blacks (but poor viewing angles). I am also about to upgrade to 7100… or just wait for next year’s version. But don’t expect much, anything below 100k is budget. I will have to wait until 4k tvs with dolby vision zianguke bei :laughing:

Have you guys noticed that LG sells its flagship (C9) for 1.1 million bob in kenya… but 500k internationally? I have never understood why TVs are not priced similarly or have same specs everywhere argh…

TCL 6 series are really good, but they are only in US.

Well, we have one of the Highest Tax Rates around hence translating to higher prices…

budget 40k :cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat:

I have noticed the official retailers have prices that are over 10k more might be the issue

I am leaning on the SONY 43’ W660F.

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:sweat_smile: Okay I know how it sounds. Of course there is a difference between 20k and 40k … and also 70k. But most of the high end features are not available at <100k range… Especially colour and picture reproduction. But you won’t notice it unless you compare high end or mid-range and budget.

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I was unable to choose and ended up buying a DSLR :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: Nikon have the D3500 on offer at 35K. I think the W660F has one of the better screens after seeing it upclose. The LGs in that price range are also very good.

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