TV Purchase Advice

What are you are your thoughts on TVs by Xiaomi? Are they worth buying?

Taking the plunge on the 50 Inch Hisense U7QF since it seems to be the best value for chumz hapa


Infinix is shit I can never recommend it to anyone , Everything is done in very cheap plastic

you mean the infinix android tv

Two months using the U7QF and still loving it.

Which model?

Unarun media server gani if you don’t mind kutunyesha set up yako

I use plex media server and emby media server,they are simple and easy to use especially if you want to make your PC or laptop the server itself,the software is available for free from their respective sites and opening a plex or emby account is free. Just download,install and follow the steps on their sites and you will have your server up and running in no time.

I’ve just learnt the hisense U7G is available locally at around 73k for 55" and 55k for 50".

Rtings review

Digital Trends YouTube review

Edit: I went to Hisense Kenya to look up the U7G and saw the TV OS is Vidaa not android TV like in US… That got some alarms going and after googling I got this, the USA version from reviews is much superior

2021 Hisense U8G series - three different versions for the USA, Europe, Australia

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Damn already took the plunge on the U7QF but its an awesome set nonetheless.

No need for buyers remorse. I can at least confirm we’re not getting the badass USA version cause of the change in TV OS

All the Kenyan site lists is Quantum Dot, FALD and 120hz. No brightness figure, no number of zones, ho HDMI version, no mention of VRR… Googling reviews only brings up the US version

I have used the Kenyan or worldwide version which is U7QF and it is quite good. The U8G is only for Canada and USA. The TVs there are always better.

There are very many reviews on the U7QF online. (Hisense U7QF Review: Quantium Dot HDR on a Budget) Its also the TV I own so I can answer your questions.

I know the UQ7F is fantastic I’ve been following your posts… it’s just that I was excited kuona U7G locally kumbe it’s not the same as the US version :roll_eyes:

A video on the differences.

Is there a geniune reason why the US gets the better model of everything?

Have the U7QF too and its awesome. the U7G would have been a better steal though with the 120hz refresh rate and the VRR for gamers. Seems to be at the same price point too.

Probably because they demand the best.

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Difference seems to be only in running Android TV vs the Vidaa platform.