TV Purchase Advice

With Solar the wattage consumption of the device really matters, the lower the wattage consumption the longer it stays on the better, How many Watts did your Synix indicate it consumes?

It was actually used by my other half but never with a battery. Can’t remember how many watts I sold it.

Need a TV Recommendation for a 150k Budget mainly for watching movies n videos… Preferably 55’

Stif, I’d consider Sony X9500H 55" and X9000H 65". If your living room has a lot of natural light, you should get the X9500H. This model is excellent in handling reflections. Picture-quality wise, it is almost similar to X9000H. However, watching movies requires immersion, whereby a bigger TV is always better. If you cannot stretch your budget, you should consider 65" X9000H for 145K. FYI, both are 2020 models. I haven’t seen Sony’s 2021 models in Kenya yet (the X90H and X95H)

If your living room has no issues with natural light and you want the best (especially for night-time watching), get LG OLED CX (2020) or C1 (2021), both cost around 160k for 55" models.

You might ask, “but dude, why not Samsung???” Well, you need to spend a premium on Samsung to get something that can beat Sony’s LCDs and LG’s OLEDs. However, avoid any LCD made by LG (sijui nanocell etc). LG’s LCDs cannot compete with others out there, objectively speaking; Poor blacks, poor FALD, poor HDR reproduction… etc


for that screen size, i strongly recommend the TCL C8 2020 model that goes for significantly cheaper at 70k. Or go for the LG OLED CX. I advice against going for anything that doesn’t run Android TV/Google TV…Also avoid Sony,their TV Panels are very fragile…

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Alex, there is no objective evidence that suggests Sonys are fragile relative to other TVs. Maybe you had a situation that contributed to your conclusion, but that does not justify generalizing the entire brand. I have also seen several individuals disregarding TCL due to their experiences.

i agree,my opinions are rather subjective…i advice one to do their research before buying a TV

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I completely agree with you. The TCL C8 is an excellent model. The reason I disregarded all sub-100k models is because of brightness. TCL C815/C715 have a maximum brightness of around 400 nits (compared to the models I mentioned with over 700 nits). The X9500H can even hit 1100 nits in a 10% window HDR scene.

Also, the C8 is edge-lit, while the C715 is direct-lit. Despite the latter being objectively “better,” they both lack Full Array Local Dimming (FALD), which is critical in scene-by-scene brightness regulation and contrast/better blacks. They are both barely enough for a punchy HDR experience.

Yeeeh,i agree,Oh well,for his budget he should seriously consider the LG OLED

Where can I get these for that price…

Kenyatronics sells the C1 for 180k, 55". The CX model goes for 170k. I have used their services before so I’m certain they are reliable. But of course you can check other outlets, especially walk-in shops.

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I agree with this,For me i recommend you check out Banadir Electronics on 2nd floor at SkyMall along luthuli avenue.Ask for Osman personally at that shop,he is a great somali dude who can get you whatever you need at a very good discount,say you were referred by Alex,he will sort you out very well.

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For those on a budget, you can also consider the Hisense U7QF series which has been available for a few months now. 55" for 70k and 50" for 55k on zuricart and kenyatronics .

They offer all the current buzzwords - LED LCD with Quantum Dot, Dolby Vision, HDR10+, HLG, HDR10, Dolby Atmos etc with the additional benefit of Full Array Local Dimming (FALD) with 72 dimming zones. They are also slightly brighter than the TCLs at around 550 nits.

They run Hisense own smart tv platform so if you prefer something else you can add some money to cover the cost of a fire stick, android tv, apple tv etc.

Here’s a review.


Honestly, this is quite a bargain. I’ve been ignoring Hisense in Kenya since I felt that they only sold garbage outside US. This model is quite competitive TBH. Thanks for letting me know

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This is where I almost stopped. Have always believed that Hisense, TCL, Bruhm Tvs sold in Kenya are trash…


Most of the recommendations under this thread are for 100k. I am looking for recommendations for the best TV between 40 and 50k my priority being the picture quality. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

My current choices

Samsung Tu8000
Hisense B7100
TCl P725
LG 43UN7340

Usi expect magic hapa bro. Kwa hii bei you should only care about build quality… which means big companies like Samsung are your best bet. Mimi ningekua wewe I’d wait and save extra 30k for Hisense U7QF if I really want picture quality. There are many times I have wondered why I didn’t wait ata for three months for better stuff. Don’t be in a hurry

My research imenishow the same thing. I think I will wait for one more year.

Sasa Mimi mwenye Hana TV, but looking to buy a 70k hisense, how do I survive as I save up? Anyone looking to give me something for 10k?


@Omgitsdes Being a Sony fanboy, I am starting to have an eye for TCL TVs coz of their higher than Sony specs (i.e. comparing same size panels) running Android OS at such affordable prices but i keep getting confused by their naming. Like what’s the difference between P725 and C725 coz from browsing their specs online I see they are the same, or am I missing something here.