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You’d think it’s a new type of display panel technology. Kumbe it’s about the lighting behind the panel. :sob: :sob: :sob:

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Si I thought they fixed the burnin problem permanently ama ?

They should have because this is something that can be fixed through an OS update. Samsungs also had this problem, and that’s where the idea of shifting pixels for static images came from.

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Nope not really. They simply came up with a way of reducing the Burn in risk ie. Shifting of Pixels… But the risk is still there…

I see Best Buy has a good deal on LG A2, 48" TV.
I’m looking for recommendation on a good shipping company that can get me this item from USA or Canada at a reasonable cost.

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Getting Consolidation Companies bring you a TV is a Huuuge Risk…


Probably via sea freight, which can take months to arrive. That’s the safest option you can try.

With air, the only fragile things these consolidation companies insure is phones and laptops.

Also shopped recently at BestBuy and the experience wasn’t good.

Non-US credit/debit cards or PayPal aren’t allowed. But depending where the item is, BestBuy support will place the order on your behalf and give you a specific billing address to use with your bank’s card.

Here’s where the problem starts. You can’t see the invoice until you make a payment.

Their support staff placed a wrong shipping address and informed me that it can only be changed after 24hrs.

3 hours later, the item was shipped and upon reaching out, they told me to contact USPS directly.

USPS told me only BestBuy can request for change of shipping address for an item that’s in transit.

Went back to BestBuy and they promised to make the changes. But they failed to do so after like 3 days.

Meanwhile, the item was doing rounds and rounds because the street address, state, and zip codes were all wrong.

I told BestBuy that I was going to request a charge back and surprisingly, they agreed to make the changes.



Did you eventually get the item…

Walmart also has a similar approach…

Didn’t get it why they care so much where the money is coming from…

They want to be like Amazon but they dont want to go all the way…

Yes, I did. After like 10 days or so. It was delivered on the same day they changed the address. USPS were so helpful on this.

They advised me that their systems are automated to isolate such a product for manual reviewing after several failed delivery attempts.

True to that, the package had the barcode sealed with a tape to prevent their automated systems from reading the incorrect address.

And someone from their team wrote the correct zip code using a permanent marker. But it comes at an additional cost of $15 that BestBuy had to pay or I chargeback my $30 for the item :joy: :joy: :joy:

They want to avoid credit card related fraud. Looks like it’s expensive for them to gather documentation that shows proof of delivery for an item.

Amazon on the other hand is changing into this huge logistics company that it’s even overtaking it’s ecommerce business. Most vendors in the US are starting to depend on them for last mile deliveries.


I went through something similar buying of… It didn’t take Kenyan cards or PayPal

Edit: But dell and apple have worked

Had same issue (yesterday 26th November 2022) at HP. Money was deducted but refunded some 24 hours later. Had to go to good old Amazon to make a similar purchase.

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Mine was also refunded… Unfortunately I never agreed with amazon ethically