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Thanks. Its all good now.

So I got some update on the U7G like 3 months back. Now I don’t have Atmos pass through, just Dolby Digital + Audio. .

Edit sort of figured it all out.

The U7G can take DD+ Atmos from Internal Apps like Netflix, and passthrough to the AVR.

It can also take TrueHD Atmos from external devices, and passthrough (via eArc) to the AVR. FYI 95% of my movies have TrueHD Atmos which simply gets processed as DD+. Looking to get a streamer in the near future…

Why so. Licensing perhaps. Though am not sure why one would need a license just to pass on stuff for processing to the guy downstream with the relevant license.

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U8H is out price is on the higher side though

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$1200 is too much aint it?

Reviews for 2022 TCLs are out and the C835 miniLED has glowing reviews. It also seems that for once TCL is releasing a value TV outside of USA

Link ?

Here’s a review by HDTVTest

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Interesting, though i can confirm the entry level C635 is the one country, cant seem to find the C835