TV Purchase Advice

At this point I’d get an LG B1 instead of a Sony X95J. I’ve seen them going for 130k~140k

wiat, what? how?

And haven’t you filed a complaint yet?

I agree, at 130K LG B1 would definitely be a better buy coz who can argue with OLED

He was asking whether I’ve replaced the TV that got stolen. I filed a complaint. Our cops are useless unless you keep paying them.

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figured out the problem a while back. It was a power/standby settings issue.

To all TCL C8 users esp the 65 and 55 inch 2020 Models,there is another newer Android TV update…this one pushes to Android TV 11…the only caveat is you have to clean install it.Download away from the link below…I have used it for a week now and so far so good,no loss of functionality,just additional features

Also to all TCL android/Google TV users seeking updates to their respective units…follow the telegram channel below,they post the latest file updates for Google TV and Android TV for all TCL Android TV Models as well as ways to go about installing in the comments section plus troubleshooting…

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Sorry for that man. There are some cheap security devices you can get off AliExpress and such that can do well on your security. I should start a thread on this.

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CCTV is good but it’s not the best. You will see what transpired but you won’t know when it is happening. Me thinks a combination of both a security system and CCTV is the best.

So which other Security system are you talking about other than this one highlighted below.

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I know someone who has cctv footage of thieves they took to their local police station. Cops never did anything with it… At least nothing came of it

Sasa labda you post on twitter it goes viral and dci is tagged sioni any value ya cctv

Actually you can, mine alerts me via notification on my phone the moment it detects any movement in realtime. Problem is when you have a cat. Notification utapata kibao usiku mzima


Which vendors are selling at that price?

Browse through you’ll find vendors selling them at that price range

LG 55 B1 Oled (1_1)

Yes. There was a time last year but one I was free so I followed up on a few of these sellers wa CX from jiji, they all turned out to be agents of Kenyatronics… I suspect these folk will be something similar

Can I start a thread instead and tag you? It’s going to be a long post.

That’s why a security system is better than CCTV notification.

Yes please kindly do ,I would love to learn more