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They didn’t even take the shield. Just the TV.

That could be someone who knew the value of the TV!?

I’m suspecting the welding guys. They did some work on my doors(like a month ago). The guy who usually does the work was not around. He gave the work to some other fellas that I didn’t like. On further inquiry, I was also told one of them had some theft cases.
What’s pains me is that I had not paid the insurance for like 2 months. Anyway, no one was harmed.


Pole. They came in at night!?
The doors weren’t locked?

Yes, at night. The doors were locked. Came in through the kitchen.
Edit: maybe we were drugged. We didn’t hear anything and I’m usually very sensitive to any noise during the night.

Wa Pole. Have heard cases like yours. Probably drugged.

Chloroform could be used to sedate victims prior to a robbery. This method works whether or not the windows are protected with bars. Thieves can then take their time breaking into a house and searching for valuables.

Waah pole mdau the one you just bought recently? Sure I thought maybe it’s the delivery guy but it’s those welding guys you gave the job , infact you should only suspect the pple who had either seen the tv or known you have it .By way of elimination method you can easily arrive at the thief’s and mostly are those guys .I wish you had invested in a cctv .

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I’ll get the CCTV and an electric fence. I dont think its the delivery guys becauee the TV was delivered to a different location. I then picked it from that place.

@SamuelN Pole sana bro. As someone who has lost a tv befor i have felt that, Hio imekurudisha nyuma sana.

Thanks bro. We are slowly healing.

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Hisense Product line;

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They already discontinued the U9DG :cry:. Machoss tu

TCL tv owners, do you sometimes get a problem of the telly not receiving internet via WiFi?

Hi, did you get another TV?

Also thinking of getting myself the Hisense 55U7G after reading the reviews here. I’ve always been a Sony Guy and according to RTINGS the closest and better Sony TV to the Hisense U7G is the Sony X90J (…has better local dimming feature with much better accuracy out of the box).

Problem is the Sony is almost double the price of the Hisense at 125K (Price as at June 2022).

Machos tu :smiling_face_with_tear:

Then again, i could just opt to wait for the Hisense U8G (which is better than the Sony and probably way cheaper) to check into the country.


I havent experienced such a problem

U7H and U8H are releasing soon you can be abit patient and see what they have to offer could be even better Hisense ULED U7H and U8H Smart TVs to launch this summer with Game Mode Pro, Dolby Vision and HDR10+ support - News


Hi. Not yet.