TV Purchase Advice

thats a great tv,definitely worth it.Just watch out for burn in

That’s the scary bit…

I don’t think burn in will be an issue for a very long time. Unless u are planning on putting static images on it. The c1 has pixel shifting technology if i am not mistaken.

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What size is that? and did you buy it locally or imported it?

55"…I bought it locally at Skymall.

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Yes, they call it pixel cleaning.

That’s the thing… You see a TV is not necessarily used by you alone…

Ukipata someone playing content with static images unachoka 2…

Of course their is the Pixel Shifting thing but can you afford to test how effective it is?!

Could have gotten the unit a bit cheaper from Kenyatronics… i know someone who got the exact size and model at 162K…

Either way enjoy, that’s a solid investment there…

It was actually a lady from Kenyatronics who took me there…I also got some other free stuff so cost isn’t exactly 165k.


True. It makes sense, you cant control what is being played on that tv when u are not around, especially if there are kids involved, but i have seen tests online i think i saw linus tech doing a cleanup from a burn in on an oled. But it’s not guaranteed to work


I agree,its a pretty solid investment.Anything OLED is way ahead of even the newer LCD panels.You are bound to have a very good time with that screen.

@SamuelN you should do some tests, i have heard Night on Earth on Netflix truly brings out the blacks on an Oled if you are interested.
on that note you should check out:
i think you can find some insights on the tv and a few settings too since its all about the c1 there.


Blacks on OLED are to die for. But be careful of black crush, the only way around it is using LG’s HDR tone mapping or calibrating the panel. Black crush could cause near black scenes to appear completely black when they are not (horror movies have a lot of such scenes).

There’s also a thread on AVS about other measures to take if you don’t want to do either of the above (calibration will require you import colorimeter for like $160 from amazon, LG’s HDR tone mapping might come at the cost of a few inaccuracies).

Thanks…by the way, I’m used to OLED. That’s why I just couldn’t buy any other tech. Just decided to stick to OLED.

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Maybe with time I might pay for calibration. For now, I’m okay with how it looks.

Awesome. Keep us updated. And congrats for the OLED. At least we now have someone on the thread to ask for advise on LG’s OLEDs. The community is growing, I hope one day we won’t have to visit AVS or AV forums for stuff we need locally.

Shop Gani skymall there quite many TV dealers in that building .

Yes, very many…hirshabelle…they supply kenyatronics.


ooh i thought this was ur first oled, i hear once you taste it you can never go back, its like getting used to an amoled phone, going back to LCD becomes a challenge


Thanks…I will. Ask away if you have any question