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Well on the U7G there is no option for Appstore… Just a bunch of pre-installed apps…

at least tell us it has an option to sideload apps,i think the potential of appstores is really being underrated here…remember on smart tv’s the content is all about the apps…whether streaming your own library through Plex/Emby or streaming content from other providers like DSTV now,Startimes,Showmax, F1 TV, Youtube…sure,you may pay a monthly subscription for some of these apps but knowing that your TV can run a huge number of tailor made content platforms and gain new exciting capabilites through app/firmware updates can be really liberating.

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Speaking of features and software updates, TCL users need to be mindful that Android TV software updates are not really as frequent as Sony,Also the PiP (Picture In Picture) Function is mostly tied to the app and is not a native function of the TV like the way Sony has implemented it.

Well it runs on a Proprietary Operating System called VIDAA, which ain’t combatible with Android .APK files.

It comes with Plex, DSTV NOW, Showmax, YouTube and a host of other apps preinstalled.

So far the U7G is fantastic, I can’t believe at some point I was using a 32 Inch… Main issues which aren’t a deal breaker for me include:

  1. Vidaa has no appstore. Ze tv comes pre-installed with a bunch of bloatware (bunch are indian) with absolutely no option to Uninstall them or install extra apps. One can only sort the apps…

  2. Laggy playback issues when playing media on local server. USB Playback works flawlessly but then it means the server as to be offline while one is watching content. Yet to try using Ethernet USB Adapter. This is an issue across most tvs anyway so ain’t limited to this model

  3. eArc handshake issues. Well it is a general issue across the TV manufacturers.

Notwithstanding the above i would still buy the TV if I was to travel back in time. Hopefully it lasts till I get an OLED at some point in future.

Preloaded Apps

Input Panel. Notice all HDMI Ports are 60Hz

Dolby Vision + Atmos Content - Hawkeye. Series wasn’t that good. Not sure what Dolby Vision profile it supports… Me thinks profile 7



That’s what it says on the Packaging Box… Not sure how one can actually confirm that though…

Thanks for the review. Have you considered getting a chromecast or firestick for the VIDAA os business?

Have considered getting Nvidia Shield Pro. Probably next month or so.

Y shield if you may ask. I simply want this to be a purchase that is more or less future proof. Shield happens to support most of the formats.

To be clear for me the OS ain’t a biggie. If I get it to achieve flawlessly playback for server media using the onboard TV Media Player then that will be perfect for me.

So will probably try the LAN- USB Option. If that works flawlessly then no need for shield manenos

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Use this video Stiff. As the white dot moves across the screen, you will see it’s location light up relative to other areas. You can even count how many local dimming zones are there (by multiplying top zones by side zones). However, if the entire screen is lit up (that subtle greyish-black) during test, no FALD exists. Also, make sure FALD settings are not turned off.

Edit: Video link HDR Local Dimming Test | FALD Backlight Test [4K HDR] - YouTube


It has 72 Dimming Zones…

8 Horizontal, 9 Vertical

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Exactly the same as RTings got in their review unit. Perfect! I feel that the only thing they have changed in this EMEA model is software related, I doubt they have separate lined for this.

Well 2 things, Vidaa and no 120Hz…

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Yeah. Thanks a lot for confirming that. I am surprised you didn’t notice deeper blacks compared to normal LCDs when you got the TV :grinning:


Well the whole thing blows away…

:rofl: :rofl: True. My impressions too.

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Got the LG C1. It’s now my primary TV.


Great Purchase. How much did you get it for…

165k. I couldn’t see myself without an OLED.

Okay. Enjoy your purchase

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