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So from all the replies in this thread it is evident that Hisense is the go to TV to get value for your money right guyz?

Was thinking of going the TCL way (C728) but brightness is the only downside i see with it as compared to Hisense and from TV reviews online i gather brightness brings out HDR content better the brighter the TV.

Any delivery fee paid?

Kshs. 400. Came on a Motorcycle.

I think the Hisense panels are not bad but one has to be careful lest they get the vidaa OS nonsense. I still stand by TCLs offerings…Whatever is recommended,ensure you get Google TV or Android TV 11 as the underlying TV software running.That way you wont regret.

To those using android tv’s,there are newer apps out now…F1 TV,Startimes One as very interesting. I recommend getting the express vpn app and paying the $15 dollar monthly subscription to get Netflix US and unlock the new Google TV UI


The C728 is only good if you don’t care about local dimming (which has a significant impact on picture quality). The only good thing about it over U7G is (true) HDMI 2.1 and 120Hz panel.

Like I have said many times, OS becomes irrelevant when comparing two TVs that have vastly different hardware features. For instance, U7G vs C728? U7G any day despite the VIDAA…

I unlocked GoogleTV UI with a VPN on Nvidia Shield and I didn’t like it… mainly since the visual differences is the advertisement banner you get on like a quarter of the screen. Fortunately, after turning off VPN (Surfshark), it reverted to stock UI after a few hours.

If I want an ad on my screen I can use a Firestick 4K since it is basically the same. But I understand how seeing HBO and Disney+ ads on new shows can be appealing. To some, the stock, ad-less UI can be boring but for me I learned the hard way how awesome it is.

I can see that you already have the C728 (because of that stand), congrats!


Beware: Guys, avoid a marketing term that TCL tends to use to confuse customers. You will occasionally find “MicroDimming” on many TCL TVs (and some LGs) which might make you think the panel has local dimming. It doesn’t. “Microdimming” does not dim the lights but only varies the contrast to give an illusion of deeper blacks (at the expense of picture quality in many cases). Don’t fall for it.

You either get Edge Lit (cheapest and worst), Direct Led (at the expense of blacks, especially on IPS panels), or Full Array Local Dimming (FALD, could lead to massive blooming if not done properly or on IPS panels like LG).


I wouldn’t be bothered with OS, but would instead focus on features/ performance.


This part of the tv doesn’t matter to me much as i have a Mi-box which I’m used to and use daily.


That is the only plausible scenario.

I was ready to hate Vidaa Os but six months later I don’t mind it. Maybe because I only use four apps, DSTV, Deezer & Showmax & YouTube.

I do get notified on my U7QF. I only use an external HDD.

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You get separate notifications for Dolby Vision and HDR!?

For those considering importing the U8G, it’ll cost you about Ksh. 135k(Kentex). Not worth it, in my opinion.

Main issues have had so far:

  1. Vidaa has no appstore. Ze tv comes pre-installed with a bunch of bloatware (bunch are indian) with absolutely no option to Uninstall them or install extra apps. One can only sort the apps…

  2. Laggy playback issues when playing media on local server. Yet to try out USB playback…

  3. So far DV and HDR are limited to the onboard apps. Tried content from Big Box and Laptop but no DV or hdr.

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Have seen the notification for HDR … Very easy to miss

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This could probably be the issue… Movies play just fine when one plugs in a USB directly

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Have you tried something like plex to see if it piks up on hdr?

Any App as long as it is installed on the TV picks HDR, Dolby Vision for media playback just fine…

Issue is when lets say you want to connect your laptop, Android Box to the TV… It picks neither HDR or Lossless Audio formats like TrueHD…

It has an appstore but with apps you will probably never use.

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