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Say no more:
On Display Specification, it says this

and on Techhive, it says this…

Essentially, the U7H will be U8H sans miniLEDs. The pricing is relatively similar to U7G. If you can allow me to speculate, the EMEA version might have VIDAA rather than GoogleTV, which some people might not like.

I can’t wait to see what TCL brings to the table!

Edit: Some websites have confirmed that Quantum Dots will be available on U7H, unlike what techhive says. “ULED” is basically Hisense’s marketing name for quantum dots

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This is exciting.

The OS doesn’t matter too much, what I fear is a worse panel like the case of UK’s U8G vs ya USA

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Well looks like they are very ready to counter them .

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I am exited to see how the 42 inch oled tvs will perform and especially the price

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The living room is approx 4 by 4 meters, a typical Kenyan one bedroom.

Oh,okay. I’ve also seen above that some others models are on the way, the u6h and u7h. Are they worth the wait and will they come in the 50" size

Find the release schedule here

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Bought the 55’ U7G from Kenyatronics. They did home delivery. Coming from a 32’ Screen am obviously blown away


Give us some reviews after use ,we would like to hear your experience

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We are anxiously waiting for the review…post the pictures

That thing is massive though. Spent the whole evening rearranging stuff on the TV Stand to make room for the screen. Will be able to use it properly today.


You’ll get used to size in like a month…then you’ll start drooling over >85" like me :rofl:

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A Quick Review of the U7G:

  1. Comes with 2 Year Warranty, that’s probably how confident they are with the Unit.

  2. For some reason HDR/ Dolby Vision ain’t working through HDMI Connection to PC. At least am yet to get it working. It works okay out of the box through the onboard apps. So for now am playing media off the server directly on the TV using the onboard player.

  3. Dolby Vision and Atmos works fine when playing media off the server. For some reason Dolby Vision on YouTube doesn’t work/ is not detected. Atmos passthrough to the receiver works just fine.

  4. While playing media off my server, sometimes there is buffering like every 20 Seconds which really shouldn’t be there. Restarting the TV seems to fix this. So I think it could be due to limited RAM Onboard the TV.

  5. No notification/ alert when playing HDR Content. So one has to dig into the Menu to confirm whether they have HDR.

  6. All HDMI Ports are rated 60 Hz

  7. As usual eArc can be a hit or miss, depending on its mood

Overall am happy with the TV and have got lot’s of tinkering ahead to get it in shape…

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Allow me to offer suggestions

As far as I know, this will work only if the PC support HDR and DV (that is if you are using a PC player).

YouTube only supports HDR-10 (and will occasionally show “HLG” label on supported content).

This is due to bandwidth issues (TVs RJ45 port are capped at 100Mbps). The best way is to first connect ethernet through USB port via a converter dongle (increases bandwidth to around 500Mbps) or use eternal streamer like Nvidia Shield (1Gbps and excellent CPU power for processing).

Hebu check Hisense forums to see whether it should show a label.

What issues have you encountered with eARC?


Is the panel 120hz?

There is a way of enabling that passthrough though it is hidden deep in the settings. Been a bit busy but will confirm if that works…

No problem, won’t be using YouTube much anyway.

Have seen this hack recommended even for the Lg C1. But the fact that the buffering disappears when I restart the TV points to memory issues more than bandwidth problems.

I don’t think it should. But can confirm through using the information option or Picture Profiles. Apparently there are 3 sets of profiles: Normal, HDR and Dolby Vision. So it not showing HDR Notification ain’t a Biggie.

Well haven’t used the TV that much but noticed a few gaps here and there. Like sometimes turning the TV off doesn’t turn the Receiver off. Once Audio wasn’t going through and had to switch the inputs… But generally it is 98% Okay I guess.

PS: Have always wondered how one can do multiple replies in one post. Have had to figure it out courtesy of your post…


All HDMI Inputs are labelled 60 Hz…

Inform us how if it works. Been thinking of selling my TCL at a loss and getting a Hisense or burning money on an OLED. Will wait to see if they bring the 75" and 85" U7H by year end.


I also experience similar CEC (turning on and off) issues on normal ARC. On audio, in my case I changed the cable and the issue was gone. In most cases the cable is always the culprit. Avoid buying those long uncertified cables on luthuli. If the issue continues, tafuta moja certified 4K highspeed and short on AliExpress uone.

:rofl: :rofl: Awesome

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Well, I’ll have to look for another TV

I think the US One is the one with 120…