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To be honest with you, the OS doesn’t matter one bit. There’s nothing that Android Version adds to the picture quality relative to the VIDAA. Rather than increase the risk of getting a faulty TV with no way to return it just for android version, you can use the shipping money you’ve budgeted to import Chromecast with GoogleTV for $50.

I own Firestick 4K, Nvidia Shield (2019) and a TCL with AndroidTV. Guess which one I prefer the best? Nvidia Shield. Honestly I can even buy a TV without OS if they sold them as large monitors with TV features. Brands also load a bunch of crappy bloatware on their Android versions (I managed to chuck out all TCL crap on my TV through Remote ADB Shell software).

Save your money and reduce risks by buying locally because it doesn’t matter. If I haven’t managed to convince you enough why the type of OS on TVs is irrelevant, go ahead and import it :slightly_smiling_face:.


Agree 100%. I would actually have preferred TV Manufacturers stuck to producing ‘Dumb’ TVs…

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Thank you. This is something I am definitely considering. I don’t want such problems. Also, it’s a second TV so I don’t want to spend too much on it. I already spent a lot on the primary TV(including the shield) though it was a deal.

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I am on the hunt for a 40inch digital tv with no smart features for my office. Android boxes are better than these halfbaked operating systems. So far sijapata any.

At some point manufacturers decided that we needed smart tvs …

Me this year am just looking forward to see what TV manufacturers will come up with the innovations and the technology.Juzi nimeona eti LG have come up with an LG sijui Oled Ex you wonder how is it different from the other LG Oled models launched previously ? eti they claim it adds brightness by 30%. I tend to agree with someone who said on another forum that this big TV manufacturers just adds some fancy names with little tweaks and improvements then sell the TVs at exaggerated prices .

Have been following the discussion and it seems the u7g is a great choice though I can see the size starts from 55 inches. Would it be too big coming from a 32 inch TV or should I go for the 50 inch u7qf?

Am also coming from a 32 Inch… A 55 Inch would be too big for my use… You can refer to this guide on screen size room ratio…

Unfortunately at the moment the 50 Inch u7qf is out of stock everywhere…

I guess I’ll have to get used to the 55 inch then, thanks.

How big is your room?

i am planning to import the u8g the US version, thats if i can find it. it is out of stock everywhere


But for those of you who are still looking to buy last year’s model and are patient enough Lg has announced new OLED TV models including a 42 inch Oled TV ,. Samsung and Sony have also announced next generation displays QD-OLED Quantum Dot OLED display with a 144HZ refresh rates… TCL also announced mini-LED TVs models. Hisense is yet to announce anything yet. This TVs might however take long to arrive here #CES2022

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Even from Walmart? It’s now $50 more($750) though.

It unveiled them yesterday. The U6H and U7H are coming… Kwanza the latter will now also be available in 65", 75", and 85". If Hisense releases U7H TVs everywhere, I can comfortably say the U7H will be the best midrange TV in 2022 and probably 2023. The features are awesome!

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Are we getting them here?

Highly likely considering the trend in U7QF and its successor the U7G, both available locally. But maybe huko ma end year for U7H. The 2019 and 2020 models above are still undisputed kings relative to the competition though.

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Was informed by someone, after waiting for a while, that Hisense discontinued production of the U7QF 50 Inch, hence why that particular size ain’t available locally…

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@Omgitsdes ooh thanks so much for updating me on this do you have a link to that information I would want to read kindly share if you got one

why would they do that so fast