TV Purchase Advice

But all these manufacturers have been doing it for years. It’s the same case with the Smartphone industry. Some components have to be outsourced to meet the demand since it’s impossible to fulfil the yield in-house.

And Samsung sources panels from other top-notch manufacturers like BOE, Sharp, and and and LG that also provide panels to the likes of Sony. And this affects all their global units and not limited to regions just as you’ve pointed out.

To some extent it’s not cool as you say because Samsung is now reserving their panels (and yield capacity) to companies that are willing to pay top dollar. Like the likes of Apple, Microsoft, Lenovo etc.

Because consumer protection is weak in African countries.

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What i cane to appreciate is that luxury goods are much cheaper in the 2st world countries. Alafu companies will make high end products targeted to the 1st world because of their much higher disposable incomes, so profits are better realized in such countries. Uku third world the same goods are either too expensive or the manufacturer makes inferior products that they think we can afford with our little monies

The TV Room Ratio is perfect… Probably Fatigue or something…

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Stealing such a large TV requires a lot of patience.


Keep in mind the apartment he stays is under tight security with CCTV and a gate that’s locked 24/7.

The guards have to ask permission from the respective tenant that you’re visiting so you can be granted access.

I just told him that’s either the caretaker or they have a thief amongst them in the building.

@Krizwech @Omgitsdes I have narrowd on these options and SAMSUNG is coming up on top. What are your thoughts guys. I would really appreciate your feedback?

Sorry for the late response. If I were you I wouldn’t consider any of those for great picture quality. But they are good for size. Samsung doesn’t support Dolby Vision. No that it matters much in these specific TVs, but it’s good to have. If you can’t swing for something like 75" X9000H for 210K, you can pick any of these that you prefer, because spec-wise, none is superior.

Scroll up there was a Tv chart that was posted there look at it and compare the specs with these models then decide what you want depending on your budget.

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Finally i find someone who knows his stuff…before i started downloading 4k content i was using a plex media server from a guy in europe…yani ata content 1080p with high bitrate ni buffering non stop…mind u my internet speed was 60mbps ya zuku…i finally decided to build my own Plex server mdogo mdogo, and never thought of streaming again… thanks to good private forums for movies kupata 4k uncompressed has been seamless ju i dont torrent i prefer direct downloads…what i am yet to see is how dolby vision content looks

How is the Build Quality of Hisense…

It’s great TBH, as far as I know. Haven’t seen complaints specific to Hisense that aren’t similar to those of “mainstream” brands. Hisense is an OEM. You should only be worried about build quality for companies without own factories, meaning they have to subcontract to mass manufacturers (kina Vitron, Tesla tv brand, and even our “own” Von Hotpoint are examples of ODM).


@Omgitsdes Is the Hisense U7QF still best value at 55K!?

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Also interested to know. Planning on getting one next week.


Yep. The only other TV I can think off that can beat it is U7G, the 2021 version. But that is costlier. Everything else is just LCD with direct LED backlight. Sorry for the late response.

Thanks. Checked today with most retailers and the U7QF 50 Inch was outta stock everywhere. 55 Inch was available but at around 61K…

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@Stiffler254 this is a great price buddy. Where can I get it?

Sorry, it is actually 66K…

:grin::grin: umeweka yako , ,?