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Hey guys, I need a new TV with a budget of 20-30k. The problem is, most of the TVs I find on Jumia or any other website have bad reviews. For instances, some are advertised as 1080p but those who have bought them claim its 720p and some of the specs advertised are missing. Likewise, some claim “smart” TV but reviews claim its crap. Am in a dilemma guys, what I need from you is, which TV should I buy for that price, and from where should I buy it? Alafu, how do i check if TVs such as TCL, Tesla, etc are genuine?

Tembea luthuli avenue…na usikuwe na haraka ya kubuy

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Windowshop yourself & whatever you prefer, get to touch it and experience its service

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TCL or Skyworth are not bad options. Just don’t buy a smart TV. Buy a digital TV, you will make it smart on your own via Android box.

RE: TCL, Masoko sell them and will indicate whether it’s HD or Full HD. But you will need all the patience you can get and borrow, since the order could take weeks to arrive. Been there.

LG and Samsung will also get you good options if you up price.

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We are getting to a point were every TV is now a Smart TV. I’d still recommend getting an Android set-top box and avoid the TV’s smart features.

Manufacturers are having a party with your private data (Uploading screenshots to their servers, voice recording and even showing ads)

If you decide to get a smart TV, don’t connect it to your network.

Did you deliberately leave out Sony? I have a Sony smart TV currently running on Android Marshmallow and it works great for me. I would not go for any other brand when it comes to getting a smart TV.

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Thanks guys, i got a genuine Samsung UA32M5000 32" from hotpoint, its full HD but not smart. I took the deal cuz it only cost 26k. though I ordered an android box cuz nowadays its a must have. you can check genuine Sonys at Anisuma traders and genuine Sammys at Hotpoint (you even get warranty registered directly by sammy through sms). thanks again.

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I deliberately left out smart TVs.

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bei inafanya Sony iwachwe nje :smiley:


I recommend you check out the Hisense and TCL units in some shops on luthuli avenue.Make sure they test it out for you if you are seriously considering buying one on the spot.

I’m looking to buy a tv. I walked around luthuli avenue hoping to get some insight but i ended up even more confused, there were so many brands. Later on in the day, i came across what i thought was a great deal, a syinix smart tv retailing for 18,000 and a hisense smart tv retailing for 500 more. Long story short, I’ve decided to turn to the tech community for advice on better deals (if any), and how to tell whether a product is genuine
Ps. My budget is anything below 20k

Chief, your question is too vague, yes you want a TV but give us some few specifics to work with i.e what size are you looking for? What features would you like it to have i.e presence and/or number of HDMI/DVI/USB ports you’d like it to have, what will you be using it for? If it’s for playing games you need to consider its picture refresh rate and output resolution. Is your preference digital, smart or dumb tv. Does the TV brand matter to you? What about its thinness and bezels etc.

There are so many things people look for while looking for a TV and of course you can’t have them all but there must be a few ‘must have’ features that you can’t do without. From there we can tell you whether your budget can hack a TV with your ‘must have’ features

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Boss,we can only help you if you know what you really want…As you have seen,even from price points below your budget,there are so many TVs and so many brands…First things first,What screen size are you looking at? do you want any smartness? do you care about warranty? do you want your tv with internet capability? or ability to plug in and play videos from a flash disk? Same questions as Krizwech asked…Genuiness or not, depends mostly on the brand you chose and where you buy it from amongst other criteria…

I need 32 inches, full HD, support a large number of media files sitaki kitu inashinda ikiniambia unsupported format. Smartness isn’t as important, but I’d really love to cast media from my phone to the tv. Main use ni content consumption na inafaa kua durable.

Ongeza pesa hapa ifike kitu 25k. Then you can check Hisense from anisuma (Last time I checked they sold Hisense pale garden city), or Tesla (don’t know about quality). Pia Skyworth za around 25k ukua worth it (from reputable dealers). Samsung at 25k hautaget casting capabilities.

once got a Sony 32" R series one for 23,500 huko Luthuli.