TV doesn't support USB stick properly

I have been using TCL 32 inch LED TV for one and a half years. At the beginning everything was fine. But, recently, I find out that the TV does not support the USB stock properly. Sometimes the TV plays the films on the USB stick without audio and some of the films are not played at all. So, I’m thinking of another TV. It’s better if someone could explain what would be the reason for this matter. Then, I can check about it before buying the next TV.

Maybe the TV Does not support the Video Codecs…

try different video codecs to be sure, if it is an android tv install MX player and use it as you default video player

I doubt it’s an Android tv. I had experiences with those tv models, kina TCL and MCTV and some Hisense models too. The tvs cannot play ac3 audio codecs or even some file formats such as .avi and .vob.
On your next purchase, simply get yourself a SMART TV with Android preferably, as with an Android smart tv you can always install third-party media players to play unsupported formats.

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If the TV runs android,just install VLC Media player,it should have the necessary codecs to play any video content on that usb stick.

I agree with Frank,If you intend to get a smart tv please go for anything running AndroidTV.

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