TV Color Calibration in Kenya

Have you ever thought of doing professional colour calibration for your TV? I have been wondering if this is something people really care about out there or just a reserve for nerds. Anyway, I know a lot of people who just use their TV the way it came straight out of the box without any changes while some just reduce the brightness levels and are good to go. Personally, I think calibration is an entire market that may grow a bit in future as we move to the world of Dolby Vision, HDR10+ and HLG for the regular consumer. I recently bought a TCL C815 unit for instance and I spent an entire 3 days calibrating the colour to something that feeds my taste. The screen sure looks great out of the box but I could not stand the oversaturation, too bright, and motion smoothing settings. I tried looking for professional calibrators in Kenya out of curiosity and could not find any which was surprising. Also, I found it weird that TCL has gone into the trouble of building an android app for colour calibration for the North American market but left the rest of us high and dry.


Its not something i have been interested in,i think its a reserve for Nerds mostly.Myself i rely on the TV presets like the smart HDR option on the TCL C8.

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:smile: :smile: I thought I was alone. I almost plastered a thread here a few months ago but I thought nobody would be interested. I’ve researched a lot and learned much about colour and calibration, lakini ni theory tu. Was thinking of importing X-Rite Display Pro, but currently I’m focused on some audiophile stuff. You should start charging people for that biz, advertise.

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i think most of this HDR10+, Dolby Vision etc are best enjoyed on Bluray or a Netflix Plan that offers those i’d suggest you try using Netflix content or BluRay movie files(4K REMUX)to get the best out of your DIY calibration to find the best colour tones of your liking, though some tv’s come with film maker mode which is kind of a preset to help you get the best out of your what you are viewing…but most people will just watch with what comes preset on the tv

is this the app the app ??

Legends tulikua tuna calibrate TV za katumbo na magnets za Woofer (100W RMS and above).

Skuizi hiyo ujuaji sijui ilipotelea wapi :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Enyewe you are old


Hahaha how? I thought magnets zilikua zinakufisha display? If my old man saw you with a magnet near the TV that was straight up war.

I already have access to endless content in Dolby Vision and HDR10+ format and that’s why I was calibrating the display in the first place. But I still think it is important even if the only content someone is watching is in HD because color imbalance can make even a 4K video look bad.

Yes this is the app.

I think most people would be interested if they could see the difference it makes. I also agree that few people know about it or are nerdy enough to do it. It just feels right that if you buy a top notch TV then you need to calibrate it right for the viewing environment as a way of maximizing the value bana.


so itonly works with north american models?

Yes and it’s the same reason ya kutumia a powerful magnet to try recalibrate the colors.

Kuna vile ulikua una swing the magnet in a circular motion ile design nikama mkono yako ni propeller, moving from one side of the display to the other side - Like from right to left.

ilikua kazi kabla TV irudi foam :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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It never died. It would just get a huge colour shift which would take some time to fade after removing the magnet.

I never calibrated but I used to try magnets and see the effect. It would take time before the colour shift effect would wear out

Must have been a tiny magnet that you used. Powerful magnets obliterated the color instantly. TV inageuka inakua ovyo nikama ume mix rainbow and remain that way until you recalibrate.

sure. I just wanted to see the effect on a colour TV. Our neighbour used to have a Greatwall and I remember us swinging the whole screen from left to right for fun from physics class I learnt it was because it has one cathode ray.