Turn off annoying KPLC Token Meter beeps

We’ve all had our fair share of KPLC Token Meters annoying beeps especially at night when they appear to BEEP the loudest. Some of us might be familiar with our current Token Meter mute code but as soon as we shift houses we find a totally different Meter whose mute code is different. There seems to be no standard uniform code to use as Token Meters come in different types and models. Personally i’ve tried looking for the ‘Itron’ Token meter code to no avail and KPLC code suggestions dont seem to work. Could someone please help me with this particular ‘itron’ token meter mute code?

And for the sake of others looking for their own token meter mute codes kindly post your meter model name and a working mute code you use, like in my previous house i had the Hexing Token Meter, Mute Code 816#

Whats yours?

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I am learning now that there is something like a token meter mute code. I’ve never noticed that they beep, or even needed to notice since ours are at one central place at near the gate downstairs.

Just like @martingicheru, I also didn’t know about the mute codes. Those who know kindly post them here.

You guyz are lucky, mine is currently located in the kitchen. The last one was located in the sitting room.

Woi. I still live in the wacky old world of postpaid power.

Me too, and it’s very dangerous. I get estimates all year round then a huge bill when they decide to read the damn meter.

I know. I absolutely hate them. But I’m the kind of person who will never remember to buy tokens so it kind of works for me in that way. It’s a bit of a catch 22.

I’m following this conversation however cuz I may be moving soon and I don’t know what I’ll find.

You are not that kind. You are just comfortable now. With the risk of a defrosted fridge when you come home in the evening, you will remember, believe me.

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Following though am still in the old postpaid world

I use 812 ENTER to mute mine your model might be different

Model number of yours?

Is an Itron ACE9000 CIU

hahah, me too. I think this is what really psyched me to go through the forum and now register. The vibe on the forum is nice, good place to be. Kudos Martin & team.

I have never experienced my meters being away from near the gate!

Technology is always changing. Perhaps the next change is close and we don’t need to worry about current beeping devices. Smart meters are coming. they will tell us which devices consumed power most as well as send us real time consumption metrics on our mobile devices.