Trump and Made in US by US policy, who will it hurt?

I keep wondering, what happens to the US when Trump insists that production for their consumers needs to be done in the US and by the US? Can they stand as an ivory tower without needing China, India, Mexico and South East Asia where production is largely done? Take an example of iPhones, or any other phones. They are made in the East for costs, reason why Motorola couldn’t compete globally.

Also, with the kind of costs of production expected, can made in US compete globally, for the market outside US, with Made in East?

Production of electronics in the US, especially for mass consumption cannot work as Trump makes people think. The wage rate alone in the US is too high to put a factory for iPhones leave alone the operational costs associated with the US. Well, unless the US government wants to massively subsidize costs for such plants.

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He promised tax breaks for companies to bring jobs back, we’ll just have to wait and see how product prices compare to an expensive US workforce.

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it is not necessarily true that it’s cheaper to manufacture in China/far east. The Raspberry Pi is a good example - initially they were manufactured in China, but later they found it was cheaper to manufacture in the UK.

I think Trump is in for a big shock when reality sets in - and those who believed his promises are in for an even bigger shock. What a year it has been for global politics!

trump lied to his people,he bluffed and now he has to do it