True Local Hosting Solutions. Any Ideas?

Hello guys,

I’m searching for web hosting services that are truly based in Kenya. I have checked tens of them and all of them seem to have shared hosting of popular web hosting services.

So far, I have managed to verify Safaricom Business as a hosting service that is truly local. By that I mean the servers are located in Kenya and not in some other regions.

Any ideas?

I have tried Bitsimba and I can tell you this, some of those that operate locally are not that reliable. But there are many truly Kenyan web hosting services. If you want a truly Kenyan reliable company, be ready to spend more. In many cases you get what you pay for, cuz I think Kenyan market is not that good for economies of scale.

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Look into Liquid Telecom or Seacom’s rebranding as noted by @martingicheru SEACOM new Corporate identity and brand.
What has struck me from the 2 is there are NO advertised plans making me think it’s a pricing strategy to evaluate how they will charge you. In addition, I have not heard about their reliability or even seen their SLAs.

I would like to ask why Kenyan based hosting? Also, are you talking about website hosting or server hosting (VPSes, Dedicated and et. al)

I am more trusting standing up a VPS or Dedicated from Amazon or Google in Europe (for the latency) or soon to become an availability region in Cape Town, South Africa, 2020.

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To get some SEO advantage for local website. I need to start with sharing before moving over to VPS. However, I tend to think hosts that are truly local largely focus on corporate clients. For example, of all betting sites in Kenya, Only SportPesa and 1xbet are hosted locally.

But SportPesa’s host’s (Tech Pitch LTD - website looks as if it’s incomplete. On the other hand, 1xbet is hosted by Angani ( and their hosting costs. Noma.

Angani is still standing after the proxy fight in 2017?

How does local hosting translate to favourable rankings in searches?

When you do a search for niche local topics, you’ll notice that sites with .CO.KE are more on the listing than any other TLDs. That’s the same with a local IP, some SEO and you’re great to go.

Tell us more juu sina habari

I would argue great content is now the most relevant especially on G search. Obviously technical due diligence like sitemaps, minimizing and handling errors well and mobile optimizations that will make it easy for search engines to crawl your site are needed. Gone are the days of keyword stuffing and back-links to your site.

The Angani thing …in 2017 at a time like this the Kenyan shareholders were caught in a battle with their American counterparts ganging up to remove them from the Co.