Trouble making calls via Faiba 4G

I’m experiencing challenges making calls via Faiba 4G on my Nokia 5 since last Friday when I upgraded to Oreo 8.1. Called Faiba Customer Care though they are clueless. Gave me generic response of “escalating to our Engineers”

Anyone else with the same issue?


@martingicheru is also on Android 8.1, he should be able to respond whether he has the same issue.

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Am also on 8.1, Nokia. Everything with mine is okay

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Mine is okay on Nokia 6. @Mvitarian try restarting device and waiting to see the VoLTE icon.

In Msa handset Nokia 5 can’t make calls internet is errantic.

I am experiencing exactly what @Nick_Nteere is facing. I don’t know if it’s the location (as I too live in Mombasa) or the handset (I too have a Nokia 5).

I tried severally to restart or even remove the sim card. The “Telephone Icon” appears briefly enabling me to make a call then it disappears and I can no longer make calls.

Really bummed, thinking of switching to Telkom as I hardly use more than 10GB anyway

Does JTL claim to support Faiba 4G in your location? Please confirm with them directly. It may be that your area is quite far from the nearest base station.

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