Transsion Holdings: A lazy developer

So, where to start? Hmm…how many of you own Tecno or Infinix devices? I am an aggrieved user of two Tecno devices currently, The Phantom 9 and the Spark 3 Pro. It pains me that I went through the process of saving up momey in order to buy the Phantom 9, a device with 128 gigs of storage which at the time had an asking price that simply left me speechless.
Problem is, these companies do not send OTA updates, a business move that is a real menace. In order to enjoy newer Android versions with newer features, you simply have to buy a new phone that comes with a newer system out-of-the-box. I also purchased the Spark 3 Pro, because I was astounded last year in March when it made it to the shortlist of devices that were on Android 10’s beta list.
It’s been almost a year now, and that device has never received the OTA for Android 10. They are still ‘beta-testing’ the software as they claim (since late November last year), with 2000 users worldwide; a complete joke given that the device’s sales in Kenya alone almost quadruple that number. The move to list that phone last year now seems to have been nothing but a ‘hey me too!’ moment; a publicity stunt. I am tired.

If you have half a mind to grab a new phone, forget about any of Transsion Holdings products I tell you. Just trash. Share your thoughts.

Let me get this straight. Your issue is not with the Hardware per se but on the frequency of updates. We can therefore conclude that the phones you have mentioned are not trash but Support Services are more or less non existent.

Well, I am not an Infinix user per se, never owned one. But have bought for several other guys. So far the Phones are okay.

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The phones are okay hardware wise.Its just that the software update model is not supportive of their overall business model of selling more units with every new phone model.If they provided software updates for existing devices,they would definitely sell less units as users would not be compelled to upgrade their phone hardware since they can get new features with the new software updates.So dont expect Transsion holdings to change their software update policy for a majority of their most popular brands.

My Point Exactly. This is generally an issue with most android devices. The Manufacturers have a planned shelf life of 1 year. After 1 year you are ‘encouraged’ to get a newer device.

Infinix tries but they are very unpredictable in updates

It’s the same company 🤦🏽.

That’s why am saying Infinix tries in sending updates, tecno mostly never updates their phones

Their best device (Infinix) was the Infinix Note 5 that came with Android One. That was a one time project that they have not repeated again, that device got all the updates early and it was so good software wise. No bloat or advertisements. And any app that came pre-installed from them could be uninstalled.

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Yeah. That was their best device in terms of software. It even received the Android 10 upgrade a couple of weeks ago. There’s noise in some groups created by moderators of the companies over WhatsApp about software updates coming after the celebrations of the Chinese new year but I think nothing will change. I’m saving up to buy a Samsung. Damn Transsion and their stupid business moves.

Don’t thank them for sending updates to an Android One device. Android One is pure Android, which means that it is stock. Updates roll from Google directly, regardless of whether the phone is a Nokia or Alcatel or Infinix. In most cases, the OEM does not have to to anything, they just pass the Android One update to you… I have never owned a Tecno or Infinix. I am a Xiaomi guy. So far so good. I got my phone with MIUI which had Android 9. Now I have Android 10. In fact, my phone has some features that were not there when I first bought it such as Ultrapowet mode. Couldn’t be happier

Nobody is thanking them. OEMs take longer to send OTAs but not as long as Transsion does. It’s been three months now since they opened doors for ‘beta-testing’ of Android 10 on the Tecno Spark 3 Pro. Beta-testing implies that the software in question is nearing completion to Alpha stage where it can now be rolled out. Does it really take more than 3 months to beta-test. Surely not. Xiaomi on the other hand sent an OTA for Android 10 to the Mi A2 filled with bugs. They sent patches to attempt to fix the bugs over OTA a few days later. See?


I dont even understand how Transsion was able to develop my favorite app of 2020, the Boomplay Music app :sweat_smile:

I’m baffled too😂.

I have even bought a few bongo songs on boom, my first time buying music. I compared the audio quality between boom and Deezer for similar songs. Boom has higher quality. I still don’t understand how they made such a good app but have crappy devices


Contrary to the argument this is the path/business plan they have chosen to take and it’s not just them. What margin do they make on these devices? Can this warrant a standby team to write and release patches? Why do Android devices depreciate so much and so fast? Advice on buying Android phones is to just wait ~ 4 - 6 months of release …
Android has it’s merits of customers having a variety of devices they can buy and customize but the reckoning is clear and severe. Majority of devices will be stuck in the past …

Again how do they make money? They simply push you to buy a new device for security issues (security conscious) and feature updates …

If you consistently bought a new Android device for ~ 3-4 years at ~ 20-25K that would the price of an iPhone 11 which based on the record of the 5s (released in Sept 2013 and stopped getting updates in 2019 …a whooping 6 years of updates) will get updates and still have specs punching at par with those ~ 20 - 25k devices.

Bado sitanunua iphone, android damu till i die :smile: anyways i change my Xperia flagship phones after every 4-5 years, i never have issues with them. as long as they are snappy and do what they are supposed to do that is enough for me

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Si hao pekee. That’s why Google is working on the Fuchsia OS to take over Android. All OEMs are just lazy when it comes to offering frequent software updates. It’s part of planned obsolescence.

If they deliver frequent OS and security upgrades you’ll stick with your phone for years. If they hardly give you any updates, you’ll want to upgrade sooner.

There’re fewer OEMs out there offering updates. Like OnePlus and Samsung on the High End devices. Including the older flagships. The rest or their devices, updates are a drop in the ocean.

Fuchsia OS will break the dependence on OEMs to deliver updates. Google will roll out updates to all Fuchsia OS devices simultaneously. That will help override the problem of late or no updates at all by OEMs.


Samsung push OTAs regardless of whether the device is low-end, mid-range or flagship. Heck even an A10s as we speak runs Android 10 on a March security patch. It’s about commitment, na saa zingine watu wakiambiwa nunua jina wanaona ni kelele tu. Ona sasa!:joy::tipping_hand_woman:t5:

Yep, they push security updates and you’ll get like 4 in the lifetime of the device and one late OS update.

For the high-end devices they get up to 5 years of support and around 3~4 OS upgrades.

That said, what I hate about Samsung and other Androids is the depreciation. These companies push out so many products that even high-end products appear cheap. When buying an iPhone, it does not feel like you are loosing your money forever, it feels like you are exchanging the money for an asset, that can easily be sold later and most of the money recovered.