Thunderbolt vs USB C What's the difference?

What do you understand to be the difference between Thunderbolt port and USB C Ports?

Isn’t usb type c just a connector shape like the way you have USB type A, B? Nowadays, thunderbolt 3 uses a usb type c port.

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Thunderbolt is an enhanced version of USB C. And it’s an Intel tech, I guess nowadays its royalty-free to entice more PC makers to adopt it. Great for PC especially those who need to connect external GPUs, not necessary in smartphones.

What you should be more worried about is those smartphones dropping 3.5mm headphone jack port for USB C audio. However, there are two types of audio output from USB C, digital and analog. If your USB C port only supports one type of tech, you can’t just use any USB C headphones/earphones.

The biggest issue with digital and analog audio-out via USB C is that you cant tell the difference.

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USB C is a spec for the connection and the cable itself. The physical shape of the connector is symmetrical. The cables can carry varying current depending on their conformity to the spec.

Thunderbolt basically is an intel technology allowing really fast and direct connection between peripherals and the processor. Basically an external PCIe over a cable. It has to be supported by your motherboard through a physical controller on the board. The controller was previously exclusive to intel boards through a royalty, but now it’s royalty free so if manufacturers so wish they can include thunderbolt on even AMD boards. With Thunderbolt 1 and 2 the physical connection was a Mini Display Port. with thunderbolt 3, intel switched exclusively to the USB C physical connection. You can connect a whole array of thunderbolt 3 devices.
Most affordable consumer laptops just forgo adding a Thunderbolt 3 controller to save cost and since most people in the target demographic will never realize it’s missing.

The gist is.
1.You can have a USB C laptop but it doesn’t support Thunderbolt 3.
2.You can have a USB C laptop that supports Thunderbolt 3.
3.You cannot have Thunderbolt 3 support without USB C.
4. …
5. Yes, your T480s has USB C ports of which 1 of them supports Thunderbolt 3