This conversation about MMM Pyramid Scheme, now in Kenya, needs to be had

You most definitely need to know about the Mavrodi Mondial Movement (MMM) which has been quite a problem in Nigeria, there is a Wikipedia entry about it and the description is that it’s a ponzi scheme out to prey on mostly the poor. How it works is that you give them money with the promise that it will be multiplied by the thousands. Naturally, it starts with cautious people who put in small monies, like Kshs 500-1000 ($5-$10) and when they get the money multiplied by the thousands, they get greedy.

What happens after is they put in much more money, probably tens of thousands in the hope of becoming millionaires. They also sell the idea to friends, family and fools. Then the pyramid scheme architects disappear as quietly as they came. And we have people crying all over, probably very much in debt and overdue bills, asking for the government to assist them get their money back.

This is supposed to be illegal, and we are being warned. Warn your people.

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Heard about MMM cming to Kenya a while agot, but my sources were not credible. This news should be spread to everyone!

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They’ve been around for a year now. It’s just in the last 3 months that publicity around them has gone a notch higher. Probably because the arrival of the MMM boss and subsequent media coverage correlating with events outside the country has made sure that they remain in the spotlight. Which means a lot of people have already fallen for this. I know some. A new Deci.

well,whatever that grouping is,i m not falling for any ponzi scheme