This Chrome Extension Adds "Waititu 4 gavana" Graffiti on every Webpage

There is this controversial politician in Kenya who is well known for his brutish ways. His name is Ferdinand Waititu, at least from what most people know him as. His educational background and name is quite grey as well. But he may well be headed to becoming the next governor for Kiambu County in Nairobi.

He’s come from far, and part of his history has been handwritten grafitti with a child handwriting advertising his candidature from way back when he was vying for Councillor, member of Parliament, Nairobi Governor to Kabete member of Parliament. Last evening he won nominations to run for Kiambu Governor on the Jubilee ticket. A near sure way to get him that coveted office.

And people have remembered his graffiti ways, this came up.

And inspired developer Kiki Marima(@kmarima) to develop a Chrome extension that lives up to the Waititu legacy, of handwritten grafitti everywhere you look, but on the web. Here’s the link to the Chrome extension.

UPDATE: The above process requires one to enable developer options and proceed to do other difficult things, here is the Chrome extension, it’s been published.

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Hahahahah… Don’t give politicians ideas like these. We might see some crazy extensions.

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