This app lets you manually update your Huawei smartphone easily

If you have a Huawei smartphone and for one reason or the other you need to re-install (flash) stock firmware, there is no singular all inclusive resource for getting them. Sure Huawei does try and maintains an updated database of firmware on its own website but that has its own limitations. What if someone created the equivalent of the options available to say Samsung and HTC device owners by tapping into Huawei’s own database and make most firmware easily accessible? Somehow, someone (Team MT) has done so and it’s brilliant! What’s more, it has a companion mobile app too.
The desktop app can be downloaded from here and the mobile app can be found on the Play Store.

Just make sure you know how to go about the manual flash process using Dload or follow the in-app prompts when doing this straight from your Huawei phone (you may need to setup a proxy for that to go smoothly).