This Android app will show you all the secret Netflix sub-categories

Netflix has a huge collection of stuff you can watch. Movies, documentaries, TV shows… name them. However, navigating beyond the main categories into the sub-genres is hell. Netflix has never made it easy for someone to say, search for a show for say some kids aged between 5 and 7 years that is visually striking, how do you even go about it besides navigating to the kids content section or just clicking through a random algorithm-generated recommendation? How on earth would you know that Netflix’s secret code 2851 is for ‘Visually-striking Films for ages 5 to 7’ and adding it at the end of a usual Netflix show catalog URL will take you directly to that sub-category?
There’s an app for that: SecretFlix.

If you’re more old school, you could continue checking the sub-genres the way I have been doing for some time now. By looking them up here.

I find that NetFlix sucks if you are in Kenya. I used it for the one month free subscription and there and then I knew what I was never going to use again. Outdated series etc

I don’t understand how I pay the same $$ as a person in the US yet I get far more limited content. I would prefer using it via a VPN but I don’t need all that complexity when this content is not exclusive to only NetFlix

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Along those lines (old/outdated content and whatnot), I’d like to hear your opinion on ShowMax after using it

And now there’s a Chrome extension for all ye desktop users.

@echenz I see you are trying to recruit people on board your anti-ShowMax train.

Some context: ShowMax is not known exactly for the latest stuff and they make that very clear from the onset. So I’m just interested in hearing what opinion someone who’s found Netflix lacking in one way or the other would have of the former since it is one of the viable alternatives available.

Let me attempt to explain the problem here. I’d like to preface my statements by saying that I personally canceled my netflix subscription too because of the lack of content.

Outside of Netflix Originals, i.e. shows and movies that Netflix produce themselves, Netflix has to pay the content providers for the rights to distribute third party content. And providers charge a premium for these rights per region, especially when its premium or new content.

This is very costly. So Netflix will make decisions on what content to provide for what region, based on how much revenue that region generates. So in the States and Canada where they are domiciled and have been operating for a while, they have massive subscription revenue and therefore can afford to provide for those regions the best and latest content. I doubt they are even making enough yet in our region to justify what they are paying in terms of distribution rights.

It’s the same system with sports rights. For instance, DStv had to drop Bundesliga because not enough people were watching it to justify what they were paying for the distribution rights.

Wasn’t DStv outbidded by the Chinese of rights to air Bundesliga?

Nope. They didn’t even bid. Same for NBA.

I did the same as well.