The scams that Kilimall. They got me good!

Kilimall is running very clever scams.

Yeah, yeah, I know, I should always read the views from a seller before I buy anything. I did. He has over 3000 sales with a 4.5 star rating.

The thing is that the 4.5 stars are fake. When you choose the 1 star section reviews, it mysterious changes to 3.6 stars and over 200 negative reviews show up. Kilimall is intentionally giving fake star ratings in order to aid the scam.

The next thing they do is put all the fake goods on their recommended pages and flash sale pages and then they send multiple notifications through their app informing people of the offer/scam.

So, last week, I was looking for storage options. An SD Card if you will. And lo and behold, there is one on the flash sales.

I see 128GB at 1000. It’s a flash sale. The normal price is 2000 which is about the real market price.

I do my check list

  1. Seller has over 1000 sales ✓

  2. Seller has 4.5 stars ✓

  3. Kilimall recommended ✓

  4. Flash sale justifying the low price ✓

I ordered the memory card. It arrived in 2 days flat.

The damn thing is barely 30gb in storage. After 30gb, it corrupts everything stored on it. It is also slower than a cassete tape.

I immediately requested for a return and refund.

Phase 2 of Kilimall scam begun immediately

The seller offered to refund 200 shillings. Mark you, I paid 1000 shillings plus delivery fee.

Of course I declined the 800 loss making refund and asked Kilimall to intervene.

Turns out their refund policy takes over 1 month. Yes, they know that the seller is selling the fake goods. But they want you to either accept an 800 bob loss or ship the item to them (you cover the shipping fee) and then wait for a month for them to resolve the issue. The resolving isn’t a given too. During that month, you have to maintain correspondence with them and the seller and their pick up stations.

And that’s how they got me. No one has the energy to go after them for over 2 months . Basically, I have to cover multiple shipping fees (another scam) then wait for a month to pass in silence then start corresponding with them and hope my issue will be resolved.

Meanwhile the seller is still scamming people like there is no tomorrow. He is on basically every recommended page by now.

Too long, didn’t read. Summary

Kilimall is running scams. They recommend fake goods. The seller offers refunds at 90% loss. You decline and ask Kilimall to intervene. They tell you to cover multiple shipping costs and wait for 1 to 2 months to evaluate your issue and decide if to refund you or not (while they keep the returned fake good they sent you earlier).


This reminds me of fake Chinese SD cards back in the days. Like a decade plus ago.

Kilimall has lots of complaints publicly than Jumia. That’s why I always risk with it’s peer than it.

I only buy stuff from kilimall and jumia if local shops, Avechi, and pigiame don’t have them. I never go to the two for lower prices, no one is out to make losses, so if the prices are too good, it’s a scam